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Set in the mythical land of Nova Thera, the Pixelmon metaverse offers a virtual gaming experience like no other. Own and evolve your very own NFT creatures, earn tokens and land, fight in exciting battles and more!

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Learn more about Pixelmon' 68 genesis playable species that players can own; their origin, rarity, size and get a brief look into their way of life.

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Pixelmon Trainers are a collection of 10,020 unique avatars that give access to a wide range of benefits within the Pixelmon ecosystem.

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Nova Thera is the home of four tribes, each as varied and distinct as the creatures that wander through its forests, swim through its seas, fly through the air or delve into the earth.

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A world rich in history and culture, Nova Thera's varied locations, peoples, and mysteries will be yours to explore, get to know and uncover.

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The trainers are your avatars as you journey across the game world and fight alongside your Pixelmon, each trainer made unique by your choices of weapons, armour and gear.

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Pixelmon Evolution Serums are the key to evolving your Pixelmon to its next Evolution State.

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ROG is an innovative incentive mechanism based on L1 Genesis and L2 in-game NFTs that anchors early collectors as in-game asset distribution nodes in any GameFi ecosystem of players.