68 genesis playable species that players can capture; their origin, rarity, size and get a brief look into their way of life.

A great disaster can be the catalyst of the greatest change. Catastrophic events offer opportunities for something new, something wonderfully different. Another beginning.

It was mankind’s hubris that led our world to experience the wrath of a disturbed volcano. The unrivalled pyroclastic flow covered our land in blue ash. An event that would take its place in history as The Ashfall.

Survivors of the eruption fled the poisonous dust by packing themselves into shelters, climbing mountains, and sailing far, far away. Although humanity endured, there was no escaping from the inevitable change brought to the world. An opportunity offered was accepted. The beginning of something new dawned, it was a phenomenon human eyes had never seen before.

When it was safe for humanity to return, they found a new ecosystem had risen from the great disaster. No one can tell with certainty where these creatures came from, but there have been theories they developed out of the ashes. Few say it was the dragons that awoke them, while some simply assume they appeared out of magic. 

Their origin may be a mystery lost to us, but we’ve learned to coexist with them. Pixelmon are incredibly varied and engage with humanity in their own ways. They are monsters we hunt, collect and combat with. They are companions as we explore the world of Nova Thera. Friends and enemies who bring us together, as they balance the order between our four nations. This duelling ritual keeps our self-destruction at bay.

The Trainers of Nova Thera also combat each other with Pixelmon for honour, glory, and prize. They traverse Nova Thera to find and capture wild Pixelmon. If they successfully form a bond with a Pixelmon, they can begin raising it in earnest to become a mighty combatant.

But, the lands of Nova Thera offer more than just Pixelmon. Out there are strange and rare resources, individuals who require aid, and the secrets to answering the mysteries of this world. Hunting for wild Pixelmon is a task only the bravest accept, as you must be skilled in tracking and traversal across the land. Should you succeed, you may very well find a reliable companion who will never leave your side.

Sometimes, a great disaster can be the catalyst of the greatest change. This has indeed happened with the dawn of Pixelmon.