Pixelmon Generation 1 Introduction

Generation 1 has been released with 68 genesis playable species that players can own, with over 130 unique Pixelmon evolutions that will come from the first 68; an industry first. Species will start at the base of Evolution1 and have the ability to reach higher evolutions down the road.
Generation 1 NFT holders will gain exclusive access to an airdrop of land in the Pixelmon Map. The holders will receive full ownership of the allocated space and will be able to extract resources or in-game yields by staking the land and participating in the game economy of resources.

Generation 1 Pixelmon are a limited drop and will no longer be attainable or encounterable after the first genesis collection. In future, there will be additional generations with more evolution variety but these will not be as exclusive or hold the same unique utilities as Generation 1 NFTs. Future generations will also only be accessible in game and reach secondary NFT markets only after players obtain them in game.

Within the world of Pixelmon there are 4 different possible origins for any creature. These 4 origins correspond to the tribes that inhabit said regions being Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Each species is tied to one of the 4 origins. Pixelmon are also split into different rarity tiers going from common which is the least rare to mythical which is reserved for the elemental dragons.

The detailed ordering is common ➜ uncommon ➜ rare ➜ epic ➜ legendary ➜ mythical.

Finally, each species within generation one has a cap on the number that will ever exist. This ranges from some of the most common species of which 300 hundred exist for example Droot and Arachni to the most rare being the 25 dragons that exist per origin. This means that Generation One will be the most limited collection within the world of Pixelmon.

On our website we have a zoology entry for each Pixelmon that gives more information on each species’ origin, rarity, size and a brief look into its way of life. Click here to head to our zoology page.