When it comes to Pixelmon Serums, every player wants to get their hands on them as they are the key to evolving a Pixelmon. Not only can these magical vials of liquid transform the look of a Pixelmon, but they can also upgrade a Pixelmon’s stats and empower them with brand new abilities.

Currently, Evolution 2 Serums are available in 4 different designs with the same utility.
Their main utility is for a Pixelmon Evolution 1 holder to burn the Serum NFT to obtain an Evolution 2 Pixelmon via airdrop. In the future, Evolution 3 and 4 Serums will be released and they will be used in the same way to obtain an Evolution 3 from an Evolution 2 NFT.

For Evolution 2 of Generation 1 Pixelmon, there will only ever be 4,013 E2 serums (1,805 released at this stage), 1,206 E3 serums (unreleased) and 33 E4 serums (unreleased).

As the Evolutions increase, the supply of their respective serums will decrease. The majority of all Serums for Generation 1 and future generations will be earnable in-game via events and battles while future generations of Serums will be released later on.

As the only utility of the Serum's NFT is to trigger a next Evolution Pixelmon airdrop when burnt (while holding a respective lower Evolution pixelmon). Serum NFT’s cannot be staked and won’t generate any tokens in-game.

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