Pixelmon Trainers are an essential aspect of the Pixelmon game as they enable Pixelmon creatures to be trained and enhanced via the Pixelmon Affinity Training System. They will be the main human avatars used by the players to explore the Pixelmon Open World and to socialise in the game’s Hub. Read on for an overview about Pixelmon Trainers where we’ll reveal their traits, benefits and more.

Affinity Soft Staking

Pixelmon Evolution 1’s will need to undergo affinity soft staking before being able to claim their trainer. This can take anywhere from 3 - 5 weeks depending on their base affinity value.
  • Weekly increase
  • Week 1 = 6
  • Week 2 = 15
  • Week 3 = 18
  • Week 4 = 28
  • Week 5 = 33

nurturing hard Staking

Pixelmon Evolution 1 holders that enter the nuturing hard staking, which lasts for 21 days, will receive an unrevealed Trainer NFT for each Pixelmon staked. There are a total of 10000 to become 10020 unique Trainers available for the airdrop and another 10000 that will be released at a later stage.

Unrevealed Trainers Traits

Unrevealed Trainers will have 3 traits: Tribe, Rarity and Character. The Trainer will have to enter the staking/nurturing pool to be revealed and this will be open for 6 months. After this time period, all Trainers will be automatically revealed after 7 months. The collection will feature 546 unique traits as well as 20 unique full body outfits and 40 unique weapons.

Pixelmon & Trainer Rarity

The rarity of the Pixelmon will affect the rarity of the Trainer. For example, Pixelmon rarity = Trainer upper body clothing rarity. The rest of the assets are randomised within the tribe/origin, e.g. Epic Pixelmon can get a Trainer with Epic upper body clothing, common lower body clothing and Mythical Weapon.

Peripheral Land Claim

All Trainer NFTs will be able to receive a plot of peripheral land, which will generate token payouts. The rarity of the Pixelmon will affect the tier of the land plot while its tribe will affect the land location on the map. Essentially, a higher rarity land will generate more tokens. Land release is TBA based on market conditions

token staking pool

All Trainer NFT holders will be able to stake their trainer NFTs to receive a token APY. The amount of token received will be proportional to the Trainer rarity and to the holding time.

token payout

Staking a Trainer NFT in-game will also allow holders to gain a continuous token payout once the game is live. This payout is part of the revenue generated in-game by each Trainer’s armours, weapons and accessories.

In-Game Use

During combat, the Trainer's tribe and rarity will have a multiplier effect on the Pixelmon’s stats, based on the Pixelmon’s origin and rarity. In essence, a Trainer of the same origin of the Pixelmon will have a positive multiplier effect on its stats, and vice versa. In the same way, a Trainer with a higher rarity than the Pixelmon will have a positive multiplier effect on the Pixelmon’s stats and vice versa. This will be explained in further detail when these features are released in the game. 

For more information about Pixelmon Trainers, check out our Pixelmon Trainers Q&A.