Pixelmon Trainers are a collection of 7,000 unique avatars that give access to a wide range of benefits within the Pixelmon ecosystem.

We welcome all of you to participate in the glorious experience of the multiplayer online game ritual of Pixelmon training.  You decide for yourself which path you take and who will fight at your side. Brave the wilds to begin putting together your team. Founded on the pillars of community, Pixelmon Trainers align themselves with a nation and make their name known to the world.

Your team will grow stronger as you fight other Trainers and wild Pixelmon. Explore the world of Nova Thera and grow your monsters strong and mighty to become the selected champion of your nation. As you do so, you’ll discover collectible equipment and weapons that will aid you in your missions. 

You’ll also be able to win honourable trophies and medals which represent your achievements in the strange lands of Nova Thera. This is a world full of peculiarities, and not everyone or everything should be trusted as a friend. Pick your path wisely. 

To survive in Nova Thera, you might find yourself needing to collaborate with other Trainers. Whatever you decide to do and wherever your journey leads you, we wish you the best of luck in your travels.