— Increasingly exasperated Wingfolk tavern proprietor


Many of those lost at sea are commemorated with markers at home, a headstone standing watch over an empty grave. Well, sometimes those who were lost come home to claim these tributes…

While this would be a fairly appalling case of vandalism under any other circumstances, one has to cut Kevin some slack. It was supposed to pay tribute to them, so why shouldn’t they have it? It all makes sense, though it seems unlikely that they have such a thing as sense. In fact, some believe that they don’t seek out their own marker at all; they simply grab one that has some form of marking on it that they can connect to in some way, such as a skull. Either way, this behaviour definitely hasn’t done their reputation any favours.

Despite their horrifying origin, sickening appearance and mindless nature, Kevins are strangely good-natured. Still they are utterly reviled nearly everywhere, those who seek the company of Kevins usually end up with no one else for company. Most people simply cannot stomach spending time with walking, rotting corpses, no matter how well-meaning they may be.

Another thing that doesn’t help their case is their greater bulk and even more gruesome signs of decay. Most of the head has fallen apart, eyeballs dangingling on the last remnants of optical nerves as the foul thing wanders around, with the occasional chunk of decayed tissue sloughing off their forms.