Own Outcomes

Always strive to operate as a leader in all instances and take full accountability. Leaders often look at the bigger picture. We do not operate as a "contractor" who goes from C to D in an A to Z process. Instead, we take a genuine interest in the objective, overall flow and Key Results of the project or task as a whole.


wow the community

Always keep our community in mind and heed their feedback. We aim to consistently surpass expectations and impress our community without overpromising, compromising on product quality, or generating excitement with unsubstantiated hype. We gain inspiration for best practices from other projects and innovate with our own ideas to deliver the most ideal community management practices in the space.


Build Trust through Meticulous Execution

We operate in a new industry (Web3 gaming) that has yet to prove itself in the Professional Gaming ecosystem. Hence, we will go the extra mile to prove our determination, willingness to work hard and overall ability to build an exceptional game. Quality execution for all tasks can be expected as we will be resilient, and continuously test, improve and repeat.


Build a World, Make it Fun, then Monetize

We place importance on building long-term brand value before focusing on monetization. We want to create an immersive and captivating world which results in an entertaining game that brings communities on a memorable journey. Once a strong world and community is established, monetization avenues will naturally become endless.


we are a team

Our team is incredibly diversified and spread across various geographical locations around the world. It is crucial for everyone on the team, regardless of seniority, to collaborate well with others across all departments. We learn, grow, and deliver as a team. We hold each other accountable while trusting and helping each other to succeed in their work.