Affinity Training & Pixelmon Trainer collection

On 17th October 2022, Pixelmon CEO — Giulio Xiloyannis — held a Twitter Space to introduce Pixelmon’ Affinity Training system, that is the ability to train your Pixemon creatures or unhatched eggs for affinity, so as to receive a Pixelmon Trainer NFT. The following is a recap of the Spaces followed by some of the Q&A’s answered during the live conversation.

The beginning of the Spaces, and many of the questions, were on the exact accumulation of affinity and its mechanics. Alongside this a lot of questions were related to our Trainer airdrop; further details on the Affinity Training, Trainers & the Trainer pool can be found within these two articles, Affinity Training and Spaces with Hong on Trainers.


Will I be able to find out the rank of the Trainer I claim among all Trainers (including unclaimed Trainers)?

After the airdrop the Trainer and tribe will be visible, but the gear will still be unknown. This means that although the rarity of the upper body trait will be visible, the other traits and therefore the Trainers overall’ rarity will still be unknown. The individual ranks of the Trainers will adjust dynamically as more Trainers are revealed. Trainers will be revealed through a one click, gasless transaction.

What happens if someone sells before the 30-day hold period to access the 3D source files, does the following holder get the 3D files after holding for 30 days, or will the new holder not be able to claim these 3D files anymore?

The new owner will be able to claim the source files if the 30 day period has been met, and so will every holder thereafter as long as they hold for 30 consecutive days.

What will happen with any unclaimed Trainers?

After the allotted period for training and claiming has passed (full length TBA but at least 6 months), unclaimed Trainers will be minted from the contract and moved to the project treasury.

When will the Elite Trainers receive their airdrops?

We’re currently working together with the Elite Trainers owners to give them the ability to customise one accessory of their choice for each one of their Elite Trainer NFTs. Timeline depends on the complexity of the designs requested, and will be sometime in November.

How can we identify if someone claimed aTrainer from a Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT?

This will be reflected in the metadata of the Pixelmon and easily visible for buyers.

Can I sell my Pixelmon after reaching 100 affinity level but before claiming the Trainer?

Yes you may — it might sell for a premium as it will allow new buyers to skip training.

Since Elite Trainers do not have a claiming Pixelmon, and since in future there will be higher staking benefits in holding Trainer and Pixelmon that claimed it in the same wallet, do Elite Trainers lose out on that benefit?

No, Elite Trainers will hold that benefit individually, without needing to be accompanied by a Pixelmon.

What is the main difference between a Trainer claimed with a Dragon (25 per tribe) and an Elite Trainer (20 of them) aside from the 5 less count?

The main difference is that for the Elite Trainers all attributes and all gear is of Elite level rarity, while for the Dragon claimed Trainers only the upper body clothing / armour is of Mythical rarity while the other gear pieces are randomised. Hence Elites Trainers are much rarer assets in all regards.

Can a Kevin with old art claim a Trainer without its art being updated to the high poly background?

As of now, no, we might airdrop the Trainers in 2023 to old art Kevin holders but as of now the main sacrifice of wanting to hold the art unvaried lies in not being able to participate in the training mechanics, or to be precise, if one trains the background is updated.

Will we be able to mix and match gear from the 3D source files if we own more than one Trainer?

Yes, the 3D source files will contain separate files for each attribute so by owning multiple Trainers you can create Trainers with mixes of the gear. These would not be new NFTs or Metadata changes, but 3D assets that you can use for personalised PFPs, avatars, animations and more.

Does affinity accrue weekly or daily? If I only need half of the affinity in week 5 to reach 100, do I need to wait the full week or would I be done after 4 weeks and 3 days?

The automated system accrues affinity on a weekly basis, but this is a good point, in 4 weeks we will try and run a manual script to shorten the wait by a few days for the people halfway through week 4 given how big the affinity jump is in that wee and for the fact that the people waiting will likely be a substantial number.

Unhatched eggs would have a Trainer that is mismatched vs their tribe, or at least have a 75% probability of being mismatched. Would that reduce their future benefits from combined staking?

No, it would not, they would still retain that benefit as it’s one linked to the Token ID.

How many Trainers will there be?

10,025, one for each of our Pixelmons plus one for each of our Elite Trainers.

More details on what Trainers are eligible for and our revenue share mechanics will be released in the coming weeks; follow our Medium Account, Twitter Account and join our Discord to receive Pixelmon’ latest updates and insights.