Development Update May 2024

May marked a significant milestone for both the Pixelmon team and its holders, highlighted by the launch of Mon Protocols' MON token and ongoing testing for Warriors of Nova Thera. With new updates, builds, and sneak peeks shared on Twitter, the Mon token launch came with various deliverables to anticipate. Here's a summary of the key developments from May.

MON Protocol: Token Launch and Staking Now Live

Mon Protocols' MON token is now live for trading, claiming, and staking. As Pixelmon’s chosen publisher, Mon Protocol offers Pixelmon & Trainer holders, Pixelpals players, and presale entrants the opportunity to claim their tokens here.

Once you stake your MON tokens, you can start earning points and airdrops from partnered projects. The staking process is simple:

  1. STAKE MON TOKENS: Stake your MON tokens to start earning points.
  2. EARN 1 POINT PER HOUR FOR EACH STAKED MON TOKEN: The more MON tokens you stake, the faster you generate baseline points.
  3. KEEP YOUR MON TOKENS STAKED TO RECEIVE A MULTIPLIER ON YOUR BASELINE POINTS: The multiplier increases by 0.5x per month, with a minimum of 1x. Unstaking tokens incurs a penalty, reducing your multiplier, but adding more tokens won’t affect it.

Learn more about staking here.

Upcoming Events and Developments

As we build out our gaming native monster-collecting IP, here’s what to expect in the coming weeks and months:

  • 🐉 Monster Tycoon
  • ⚔️ PixelPals PVP
  • 👿 Warriors of Nova Thera
  • 🛡️ Pixelmon Hunting Grounds (Working Title)
  • 📺 12-Episodes Anime (Season One)

Mid Core Game - Warriors of Nova Thera

Warriors of Nova Thera is a dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements that will be available on PC and is currently undergoing closed testing with industry experts and our own holders. Make strategic choices and test your abilities against relentless waves of warrior denizens to see if you have what it takes to emerge victorious.

  • Current Stage: Pre-Alpha External Playtesting
  • Launching: Q4 2024

Mid Core Game - Pixelmon Hunting Grounds (Working Title)

Pixelmon: Hunting Grounds is a Turn-Based RPG for Mobile. Battle through campaign mode and overcome challenging trials as you collect, upgrade, and level over 100+ Pixelmon. Put your skills, knowledge, and roster to the test as you face off against players in real-time PVP in the Colosseum, challenging PVE Boss Hunts, Elemental Lairs, and Ultimate Boss Mode.

  • Current Stage: Pre-Alpha Internal Playtesting
  • Launching: 2025

Anime - Pixelmon 12-Episodes Anime

Our anime teaser video garnered over 3 million views in just two weeks, resulting in a shoutout from the YouTube CEO. In addition to all our game development, we're proud to announce that Pixelmon has a 12-episode anime in the works. We will be conducting a Twitter Q&A with our producer @hieiotomo and Tony Izumi (ex-CEO of Madhouse CN) in the coming week.

Hunting Grounds Updates

This month, we're excited to announce our prototyped version of a character customization tool and a cooperative PvE mode that lets players team up for strategic gameplay. We've also integrated a gacha system to enhance the game loop and added new campaign battle stages to challenge your skills. Behind the scenes, we've developed a tool to boost our QA and Dev team's efficiency and defined five main NPC characters to enrich the narrative and player interaction.

Warriors of Nova Thera Updates

The Warriors of Nova Thera dev team has spent the past month working on and rolling out significant game improvements and designs based on our recent rounds of internal playtesting with the Pixelmon community. Apart from plenty of bug fixes, the dev team has been working hard rolling out the following changes for our next round of playtesting:

Camera Updates

  • In-game camera updates:some text
    • Changed from third-party view to top-down view
    • Top-down camera can be rotated by the player using:some text
      • Mouse & Keyboard mode - press and hold the middle mouse button.
      • Game controller - use the right joystick
  • Camera distance now pulls back in Boss rooms to address prior navigational issues.

Navigation Add-ons:

  • Added a Mini-map to the Game HUD to ease navigation through levels
  • Experimented and swapped gameplay room designs to improve overall gameplay

New Content:

  • Rolled out several iterations of the new General Skill meant to enhance player experience during gameplay.
  • Introduced a new boss - Goloidon (Goloid EV2) with new Attacks and SFX
  • Redesigned the existing Character Skill Tree to focus on more depth.some text
    • Implemented the refreshed character skill tree system
  • Added a Rune upgrading system to allow players to enhance their character skills and statssome text
    • Collecting Runes as a secondary room objective
  • Added other new room objectives to break monotony of existing gameplay.some text
    • Timed survival
    • Collect the rewards

Enemy Improvements

  • Revised AI Behaviour for all enemies used in gamesome text
    • Elite ranked enemies can no longer be interrupted
    • Activated friendly fire in Boss characters!
    • Added Shield mechanism for player
    • Added Stagger effect on all enemies

Player Character Improvements:

  • Adjusted movement speeds for Borgsome text
    • Experiment between using a Dash or Dodge for Borg. Landed on using a dodge roll.

Misc Updates

  • Improved UI navigation using game controller
  • Updated in-game tutorials
  • Tweaked plenty of attack VFX and SFX for both player and enemies
  • Swapped the low HP SFX for a screen visual to indicate player’s low HP
  • In-game cursor behaviour change:some text
    • Mouse & Keyboard - use it to aim skills. Currently updated for Fireball and Lava Claws.
    • Game controller - cursor disappears when controller is in use.
  • Added a pop-up warning appears if you attempt to exit game while in game run

Final Thoughts

May has been a landmark month for Pixelmon, with the successful launch of the MON token and significant progress in our game development projects. Excitement continues to build around our upcoming events and releases. Stay tuned and follow us on X and Discord for more updates and advancements as we continue building and releasing our deliverables.