Development Update February 2024

February 2024 Update

As we move forward into 2024, the Pixelmon community has begun to surpass significant milestones, paving the way for future growth. This includes the launch of PixelPals Season 0, questing and the MON Protocol Pre-Sale. 

This month has been full of activity, setting a dynamic pace for the year as we lead up towards TGE. Read on for the latest key developments, plus we’ll also be announcing our ambassadors and pre-sale strategic investors.

MON Protocol Mission Platform Launch

Launched at MON Protocol Questing, the platform invites users to engage in missions and social activities to earn $MON within the Pixelmon community as well as outside of it. By connecting your X (formerly Twitter), completing tasks, and utilising referral codes, players can accumulate Mission Points redeemable for $MON at a future date. 

Dive into the missions now at MON Protocol Questing and discover more about our upcoming tokenomics.

MON Protocol Strategic Pre-Sale: A Resounding Success

The strategic pre-sale of MON Protocol concluded with impressive participation from angel investors and the community, marking a key milestone in our journey. This paves the way for exciting opportunities to farm MON through ongoing initiatives. Follow us on X to find out more.

Ambassadors and Advocates

As the Pixelmon Ecosystem continues to flourish, we are thrilled to announce some of the foremost Web3 talents as our newly appointed Pixelmon Ambassadors. These Individuals will be collaborating closely with our team to drive the Pixelmon brand towards greater heights. Click here to find out more and check out ambassador profiles. 

Introducing PixelPals Season 0

Launched at the end of the month, PixelPals brings a new dimension to pet management gaming, blending it with habitat customisation and competitive farming. Beyond nurturing your PixelPal, the game challenges players to enhance their Habitat Value to earn a spot in the top 100 and stand a chance to win from a $120,000 USDT prize pool. Season 0 invites everyone to enter the ecosystem where they can contribute, grow, and earn $MON rewards.

Click Here to explore PixelPals or learn more about how to play the game here

Hunting Grounds: Enhancing the Combat System

This month, the Hunting Grounds development team achieved a crucial milestone with the foundation of our combat system now in place. While some team members took a well-deserved break during the Chinese New Year holidays, others pressed on, demonstrating our global team's dedication and the diversity we have across our team. 

We're now focused on refining this system, exploring every possibility to elevate the combat experience. Efforts are underway to develop a rich progression system, intuitive onboarding, and engaging events, ensuring a cohesive and immersive world for our players.

Key Developments Summary:

  • Foundation of combat system established.
  • Continued work on progression systems and game onboarding.
  • Development of engaging in-game events.

The Arena: Expanding Gameplay Dynamics

The Arena is seeing an expansion in gameplay dynamics, introducing larger levels with destructible environments and complex mechanics. Notable advancements include:

  • Development of VFX for character combat animations.
  • Implementation of progression systems for enhanced character growth.

IRL Events: Pixelmon's Community Engagements

In February, the Pixelmon team engaged with the community at NFT Paris and ETH Denver. We now have more of a presence across Web3 after connecting with enthusiasts and builders in the Web3 space. With plans to attend more events in the future, we're excited to expose Pixelmon and Kevin to new audiences.

A Glimpse into the Future: Primeon

Our CEO, Giulio, teased an exciting development: Primeons E3. Among our upcoming launches and pressing beyond TGE, we have the launch of E3 Pixelmon, an exciting new development for the community. Learn more about it here.

The Journey Continues

Though the pre-sale has ended, there are still plenty of opportunities to gain exposure to $MON through MON Protocol Questing and PixelPals. Stay tuned for new strategic partnerships within Mon Protocol, PixelPals and Pixelmon development updates, and upcoming news of TGE. 

We appreciate the continued support and encourage everyone to follow us on X and join our Discord for the latest news and developments.