August Q&A

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Note: In these monthly articles we will be bringing you a transcript of that channel, the article below has been edited minimally to ensure as much fidelity to our Discord answers as possible as such do excuse typos and lack of perfect form. We have made the effort of avoiding duplicate questions and answers where possible.

How and through which channels do you intend to run the Marketing?

At the moment we are testing a few channels. Twitter Spaces and Twitch will be rolled out in September.
We will be using Spaces for AMAs sessions while Twitch for live video sessions for two main reasons: streaming quality is superior and ideally we should use the time we have before the Alpha version is live to grow the audience, so that once the game is ready to be played we will have a decent following base.

For the first sessions we will definitely leverage on our Twitter and Discord channels to gain some traction over Twitch. Our focus will then move onto growing these channels, focusing on a combination of quality of the content, quality of the video and — with time — frequency as main drivers, supported by secondary drivers like networking, social media promotion, giveaway, interaction and so on.

Will there be some sort of trailer before the alpha of the game?

One or more teasers will anticipate the Alpha version, we are now engaging agencies and having conversations about it, we will follow up on the release schedule as soon as we define it.

What use will Land have in the game?

Land will have the use of providing services or resources in the game, for example a gym or a lumberyard, and if the owner is also a player, attach some storage benefits to that player down the line. Land would also carry extra benefits within the governance system of the tribe which would still be democratic and decentralised.

Will Land have a pre-game benefit such as token airdrop, etc.?

Depends on the time of release which is TBC at the moment due to the current economic environment.

How do you think there will be a difference in value between Gen1 and Land and why (financially)?

The key difference is the nature of the assets: Pixelmons aside from possible renting possibilities, are active game assets: they allow one to actively participate in game and display rarity in the game conceptualised as a social space.

Land is a primarily passive asset, even if some actions can enhance it, mostly it’s an investment instrument that benefits passively from the game economy or anyways with much less active interaction needed.

With the token and land being TBC, does that mean post the displayed timelines or could be within just not giving anything away?

The land and token are TBC because of market conditions. We don’t want the token or land to crash in value, and the way to do that is to either have 1) a game not live with an optimistic market and trust in the project rebuilt or 2) a game live or very close to being live, even in a bearish market. The game would give the token utility and the land clear yield. Hence a possible timeline could be within the fourth quarter of this year, but only if we feel price can be held.

Who is working on the game economy?

The person spearheading this is Hector, his background is in traditional economics, and econometrics in particular — he built Web2 experience and he started working in Web3 topics around 2 years ago, flanking him we have a bunch of advisors from mine and AlphaW’s network and we have engaged BrightNode ( to support us in the process too.

Any hints about the September airdrop?

We are scheduling a video streaming chat with the artist behind it in Sept to reveal the art and concept — it’s a collection developed together with a studio that we hired in Exclusivity for a 5 month period, this studio used to work exclusively for Blizzard before so the art and technical art value of it is elevated, from a future utility we are working out all the details of it and how it would fit in the overall holder benefits and tokenomics system.

Since future airdrops will be tied to rarity and the probabilities organised into “Buckets” could you go into more detail on what that means?

We haven’t frankly finalised the allocation of the buckets yet — it does not seem like a time consuming step vs the other important elements before release, so take the answer as directional but logically what one would do is ensure a low rarity holder can be surprised positively but with low probability, while a high rarity holder should not be surprised negatively.

This might be achieved from the mid tier and high tier composition of the high rarity holders or by having in the higher tier the possibility of winning multiples.

For example, the bucket for legendary could give 95% probability of winning 1 legendary, 1% of winning 3 uncommon and 4% of winning 2 rare — substituting quantity with quality in some ways. Either way the principle would be not to disappoint them.

Since the first evolutions will be out before the release of the alpha how will serums work before and after the full game is released?

Before the full game a pixelmon will need to be fully trained to evolve. This means it will have to learn to move and make sounds and other steps necessary to its combat readiness. To achieve those the first step is soft staking, which changes the art to the new background. Further steps will require ability training and time spent with its trainer directly. Once the full game is out a pixelmon will need some play time before evolving if untrained.

What other benefits are there with soft staking other than animation and sound?

Training starts with sound and animation but will then lead to: trainer coupling (for each pixelmon), potential stats increase / powering up (aside from evolution, this comes from a community suggestion we got here that we are now looking to actually execute against).

What about the whitepaper, when can we expect it to be ready?

Q4 is the release timeline. Why does it take a while? Because token flows and particularly token spend flows are closely linked to the GDD (Game Design Document) and then GDD execution timelines and feasibility from the internal and external dev teams of the full game, and the minute details of that are still in the works. We could release a high level low detail white paper but I think given the project history that would not serve us well.

Why does the roadmap on the website stop in January 2023?

We will extend our goal list from there onwards, but the main deliverable and checkpoint will be the Alpha — while creating the Alpha as you know we are working on the backend scoping and full professional GDD finalisation for the main game — an open world game can take years in the making and we are studying ways to shortcut that process and / or split it in more sub deliverables so that there is a constant stream of product updates for the community, but the technical feasibility of that and the timelines of it are part of the GDD and Backend Multiplayer scoping that we are undergoing now.

For context the reported timeline for an MMO built by Riot is 7 to 10 years — so it is essential for us to carefully study how to not get bogged down into a too long period without deliverables (even half or 1/3 of that timeline would not be acceptable).

Could nicknames of major owners or long-time active community members be the names of certain places and items in the game?

Yes the community will be able to get involved in the lore as well as help in creating easter eggs for the game.

Can you tell us more about the supercommons that will be available for free to play players down the line?

Supercommons would all have the same rarity — at the start — but then the more they are found (per species) the harder they would be to find again — so a “capture decaying probability of find” — but then all future generations that are instead rare and separated into tiers and mintable on chain would be released in game either via pure chance or events to enable amongst other things an on-ramp mechanism for free to play players that started with Supercommons but graduated to Web3 by finding a Gen>1.

What is the current state of the treasury?

There is a little less than 50m left at the moment, this said some of the tax commitments on the first (mint time) legal entity will probably absorb a few m this month — but the ETH rally is pretty much compensating for it so we will still be one of the best funded projects out there, and land / token haven’t started yet bringing in anything.