Key Features of the Sponsored Trip NFT

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Official Pixelmon Physical Events:

The Sponsored Trip NFT was created specifically for official Pixelmon physical events. By holding this NFT, attendees can receive a reimbursement of up to USD 2,000 to help cover the costs associated with attending these events. It's important to note that this does not apply to community-organized events

Reimbursement Process:

To claim reimbursement using the Sponsored Trip NFT, attendees must submit their flight and hotel receipts via our Pixelmon Discord ticketing system. After the event, attendees will  send their NFT to a specified address, and the reimbursement, in the form of USDC, will be transferred to them. 

Full Reimbursement for Expenses Under USD 2,000:

If an attendee's total expenses are less than USD 2,000, they will still receive full reimbursement for their costs.

Future Events:

If an NFT holder chooses not to use their Sponsored Trip NFT for one event, they can keep it and use it for the next official Pixelmon physical event.


While we encourage our NFT holders to participate in as many events as possible, please note that each person is only allowed to use one Sponsored Trip NFT per event, even if they have acquired multiple NFTs. 

Decommissioning the Utility of the NFT:

In the event that the creators decide to decommission the utility of the Sponsored Trip NFT, holders will be able to claim USDC directly, ensuring that no one who has purchased the NFT on the secondary market is left with a valueless digital asset.

Upcoming Details:

More specific information on the claim process will be released closer to the first official Pixelmon physical event. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient reimbursement process for all participants.

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