New Beginnings

Pixelmon Twitter Spaces — 26/05/2022

On the 26th of May @Pixelmon held a Twitter Spaces hosted by @alphacw_w (Kendrick Wong), joined by guest speakers from the space such as Xeppy (@xeppy_eth) and Shan (@shanicucic96). This Twitter Spaces acted as a reactivation of the Twitter account and touched upon some important events, changes and future plans that will be summarized in the following article. Our thanks go to everyone who joined the spaces to listen along or ask their own questions, and hopefully this article will help to inform and catch up those who couldn’t make it.

The Past

Shortly after mint, AlphaW (Kendrick Wong) was introduced to Pixelmon and its founders. After spending a good deal of time understanding the project, its vision and what might be needed to grow the project Kendrick began introducing Pixelmon to his Web2 friends and connections to determine the project’s best course of action for its recovery, growth and to best benefit all holders. This is where Pixelmon’s new CEO comes in, GI. Experienced in running a company he co-founded with a GMV of over a billion dollars whilst handling large teams and deliverables, GI was signed on as the new CEO of Pixelmon.

Shortly after his onboarding, GI had numerous calls with members of the Pixelmon community, listening to their concerns and, with their help, plotting the best course of action for the project. His immediate changes being the onboarding of key team members and the securing of the project’s funds, that now sit in a multisig wallet, the signers of which can be seen within the Pixelmon Discord.

GI and Kendrick both saw the same opportunity within Pixelmon. A chance to change the public’s perception of the NFT space and its limits. They also both saw huge long-term potential for the project and the ramifications a successful game with such a concept could have.

“We love the NFT Space & it’s difficult to bring new people into the space with negative news about NFTs — a large part of entering and taking a position in the project… When people outside and inside the space search for Pixelmon, we want positivity to come up, as that will allow more people into the space which benefits everyone.” — Alphaw (Kendrick Wong)

To aid this perception change, the new Pixelmon team aims to go above and beyond with the current roadmap. A small example of this being the sounds and animations added to the new updated models which can be seen on the @Pixelmon Twitter, or within the Pixelmon discord.

Xeppy’s Opinion and Words:

“This is an incoming leadership team who wasn’t involved in the inception of this project, but they’ve decided to step in to take over. For me, it makes me a little bullish from here on out, because you know a new leadership is taking control of the project, and an old leadership is losing control of the project. This is the biggest thing, which directly answers the question of how do you rebuild trust.
Then you bring some of the best people in the gaming industry to the project, from across web2 and web3 to help take this project, then you’ve taken some steps towards the right direction.”

Shan’s Opinion and Words:

“I know a lot of Kendricks achievements in Web2. There is one person who I feel could use this funds properly, it’s Kendrick and his team.”

Team Updates

As aforementioned, new team members have been onboarded to help Pixelmon run smoothly and reach the project’s goals. This process has been a long one, as many members require a 3–6 month notice period, however the process is finally in the stages where results can be shared, and have been shared, with our community within the project’s discord.

Alongside GI, an experienced and qualified CEO and AlphaW (Kendrick Wong) Co-Founder of Alpha CW $200m fund and a Forbes 30u30. Pixelmon has also onboarded W3W, a qualified economist to work on the tokenomics and roadmap, Snyvy, a P2E expert with extensive Web3 experience, 3D modellers who’ve worked with studios such as Ubisoft and Blizzard and signed 2AM as their sound design partner studio.

More details on these additions can be found within the project discord announcements channel, and after onboarding a recruiter with strong Web2 and gaming industry experience, more additions can be expected in the near future.

Next Steps

Currently, new remodels of Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT’s are being produced and posted within the Pixelmon discord.

As shown below, the art is being updated and, in some cases, completely remodeled alongside the community whilst taking in their suggestions, criticisms and opinions. Below is an example of a redesign process, which starts by producing a number of potential variations, and then upon selection of the leading one moves onto colouring that version across a spectrum of colours and then upon selection of the leading colour moves into creating a 4 sided view of the character — that is then the base used for 3D modelling:

Closing thoughts

Pixelmon is trying to rapidly adapt to the needs of the project and despite a lot of these decisions and changes needing time, the project is in a good place with the pieces coming together. The project funds are available, secured and in a great position to be leveraged to meet the project’s deliverables and deliver for all holders. The new CEO, GI, will be doxed soon, and reputable and experienced team members have already been onboarded and introduced within our Discord.

Overall, the Pixelmon team is very focused on delivering great new art that will replace the first version and lay the foundation for a great multiplayer experience that the team is working on. The team is committed to operate at speed, delivering quality with the utmost transparency to its community.