New Hire - Sean-Li Murmann

The creative talent on the Pixelmon team only continues to grow stronger. Today, we’re excited to welcome Sean-Li Murmann, who has joined LiquidX as Game Tech Director. Sean-Li will be dedicating his expertise toward developing the Pixelmon Game, focusing specifically on growing an AAA class technical team, ensuring development workflows are efficient and bringing to life the amazing ideas of the community & team.

Sean-Li has spent the past seven years in video game production. After graduating with a Bachelor in Game Development, he began his career as a Game Programmer Intern at Streamline Studios — a top tier outsourcing studio specialising in all things video games.. There, he quickly rose the ranks to become its Technical Lead, working directly on some of the industry’s biggest titles, such as Final Fantasy XV. In the process, he has collaborated with various partner studios including CI Games, Square Enix, and Brace Yourself Games.

Although Pixelmon will be his first major game with web3 integrations, Sean-Li recently worked on Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow — an immersive metaverse experience of Balenciaga’s  Fall 2021 collection, accessible via both VR and desktop.

Reflecting on his journey through the industry, Sean-Li shares, “I take an efficient approach to game-building, balancing cost and time but making sure the final outcome is of high quality. From ideation to execution, I look forward to working with the Pixelmon team - and passionately building out each stage of the project together from the ground up.”

Sean-Li will be based in Kuala Lumpur and is proficient in three languages — English, German, and Cantonese. Outside of work, you can find him home labbing, PC building, and dabbling in other DIY projects.