Pixelmon Announces its Board of Advisors

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ASIA PACIFIC, April 7th, 2023 -- Pixelmon, a LiquidX Studio company, has appointed Imre Jele, Daryl Clewlow, Ryan David Williams and Jacob Krüger to its Advisory Board.

Giulio Xiloyannis, CEO of Pixelmon and Co-Founder of LiquidX, said, “We are pleased to welcome Imre, Daryl, Ryan and Jacob to the Pixelmon Advisory Board. Their talents and expertise in game design, art direction, legal and user acquisition respectively, will be crucial in supporting Pixelmon setting the industry standard for web3 gaming”. 

Imre Jele is the former head of game of RuneScape the iconic online fantasy RPG, and the co-founder of Bossa Games, the BAFTA winning independent games developer and publisher that has created games like the critically-acclaimed Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread and Worlds Adrift, the world's first Community-Crafted MMO. 

“I am very excited to be joining Pixelmon’s advisory board. I am looking forward to supporting the design team creating an outstanding game which will challenge the genre as we know it.”  — Imre Jele

With over 26 years experience working in entertainment, Daryl Clewlow has held in house senior studio leadership positions most notably at NaturalMotion, Nordeus and Jagex (the developer of RuneScape). Daryl spent the first seven years of his career in film special effects, where he worked on a number of Hollywood blockbusters such as X-Men, Gladiator and Star Wars: Episode1.

"Right now, the gaming industry is an extremely exciting space to explore from a creativity point of view - I am thrilled to have the chance to help ensure creativity is a core business strength for Pixelmon ." —Daryl Clewlow 

Ryan David Williams  is the founding partner of Ashbury Legal, a boutique San-Francisco-based law firm built exclusively for Web3. Ashbury helps build layer one solutions, DeFi protocols, DAOs, CEXes, DEXes, NFTs and gaming projects for established companies like Binance, Ripple and DraftKings, and newer projects like the Unioverse, nWay, the Gutter Cat Gang and DeFi Kingdoms. Ryan’s experience at the intersection of startups, technology and finance positioned him as one of the first lawyers to exclusively advise blockchain companies, starting in 2016. 

“Pixelmon is revolutionizing the way gaming IP is created and controlled, and I'm thrilled to join them on that journey.” —Ryan David Williams

With over 15 years experience in mobile gaming user acquisition and marketing, Jacob Krüger is the UA Director of FunPlus, the world-class, independent game developer and publisher. Previously head of user acquisition for companies such as Miniclip and Scopely, Jacob has also held the positions of head of marketing and consultant at Social Point, GameDuell, and various others within the mobile gaming industry. 

“Scaling user acquisition is a fascinating challenge, especially when it comes to the gaming industry, given its co-dependency with community growth and engagement, and its tokenomics aspects. I’m excited to accompany Pixelmon as it develops its go-to-market strategy.” —Jacob Krüger 

About Pixelmon

Pixelmon is an Multiplayer Open World Monster Hunting RPG game and ecosystem. A LiquidX Studio project, Pixelmon aims to build a high quality Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own game.

With the goal of setting the industry standard for web3 gaming, Pixelmon is developing a new asset class of interoperable  NFTs – from avatars, characters, skins, and tools – that are transferable and tradeable across the entire Ethereum Layer-1 blockchain. 

Pixelmon currently has over 30,000 active community members, LiquidX assumed a fully operational role in game development, starting Q2 2022.

For more information, please visit https://www.pixelmon.ai/.

About LiquidX

LiquidX is a venture capital studio for web3 companies. The world’s first NFT projects aggregator, LiquidX goes beyond capital investments to take a direct role in building sustainable blockchain infrastructure for the entire NFT ecosystem to accelerate its evolution into an asset class.

Backed by a team of web2 pioneers that developed a generation of startup unicorns and some of Southeast Asia’s earliest blockchain adopters and veterans, 

LiquidX specialises in creating long-term value for NFT holders by building unique gaming, content and community experiences. By combining superior graphics and storylines with top-notch blockchain technologies, tokenomics, and treasury management, LiquidX aims to enable founders to deliver on their roadmap commitments, provide true utility to their holders and build their companies into household names.

For more information, please visit: https://www.liquidxgroup.xyz/

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