Development Update April

In our April development update, we are eager to showcase the wide-ranging work our  Pixelmon team has been undertaking. Behind the scenes, our team members have been focusing on improving gameplay, user experience, and addressing numerous bugs and issues. We are  excited to share our progress in areas such as AI enhancements, backend migration, art, and design updates, and more. Our efforts extend far beyond the Hunting Grounds and Arena, encompassing exciting upcoming product developments such as Trainer updates, Pixelmon evolutions, and merchandise.

Pixelmon Arena Development Work:

1. Programming a. AI Improvements:

  • Resolved the issue where projectiles thrown by the AI hit the AI itself.
  • Refined AI movement mechanics for smoother gameplay.
  • Laid the groundwork for incorporating multiple AIs and enabling online matches.
  • Enhanced AI functionality by eliminating the need for camera perspective during movement.
  • Expanded AI system to support larger match formats, including 2x2 and 3x3.b. Magnetic Attack Improvement.
  • Developed and tested a new feature requiring players to press in the direction of the enemy to activate the magnetic attacks, adding a strategic element to gameplay.
  • Implemented a visual feedback system that displays a red bar when taking damage, improving player awareness.
  • Applied various minor improvements to enhance user experience.
  • Comprehensive migration of the backend system from Starloops AWS to Pixelmons AWS, ensuring a smoother and more efficient infrastructure for future development e. Unity Version Updated to 2021.3.22f1:
  • Identified and resolved numerous bugs caused by Unity, providing a more stable gaming experience f. Tutorial Screens Updated.
  • Revamped all tutorial screens to incorporate the new battle UI, enhancing clarity, and understanding for new players.
  • Introduced a tutorial screen specifically for switching tokens.
  • Developed a sophisticated benchmarking system to evaluate FPS and hardware performance, generating a HardwareInfo.json file in the game folder.

2. Bugs Fixed

  • A wide array of bugs have been addressed, including AI behaviour, Pixelmon abilities, game mechanics, and user interface issues, resulting in a more polished and rounded gameplay experience.

Main Game Hunting Grounds Development:

1. Workstream 7: More Hunting Mechanics

  • Developed innovative proposals for two tools to increase level design productivity and create a more immersive hunting experience.
  • Explored a variety of level design proposals for hunting ground variants to enhance  the depth and diversity of gameplay.

2. Development

  • Finalized features from Workstream 5, including stamina and climbing mechanics, offering new strategic elements for players.
  • Conducted experimental R&D on dedicated servers and client builds to optimize performance and user experience.
  • Implemented a debug panel to streamline debugging and playtesting processes.

3. Art

  • Produced concept art for various environmental elements and Pixelmon, to create  a visually captivating world for players to explore.
  • Developed and optimised environment and character art assets to ensure smooth gameplay and performance.
  • Provided tech art support for both environment and character teams to address  challenges and enhance overall art quality.

4. Design

  • Polished hunting designs, focusing on movement limitations and refining level design.
  • Developed comprehensive documentation for Workstream 9: Stealth, introducing new gameplay dynamics.
  • Finalised World Construction settings.

Product Side Developments:

1. Collector's Hub

  • Finalised wireframing and UI/UX flow for the first phase of our Collector's Hub, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Implemented coding and features required for the Hub, streamlining its functionality.
  • Developed support for both PC and mobile platforms to expand  user accessibility.

2. Trainer Art and Animation

  • Updated  full-body trainer art and created  unique animations for higher rarity trainers  to enhance visual appeal and differentiation.

3. Evolution Art

  • Preparing art assets for upcoming evolution releases (E2), a to add more depth to the Pixelmon universe and prepare  for Serum burn mechanics.

4. Collector's Profile

  • Developing and conducting final testing of the collector's profile, to provide a personalised experience for users.

5. Real-life Merchandise

  • Creating physical merchandise, such as the NomNom plushie, to strengthen the connection between the virtual and physical world for Pixelmon holders.

Our April development update showcases s the remarkable progress made by our talented and diverse team at Pixelmon . With continued efforts to enhance gameplay, improve user experience, and refine art and design , we remain committed to providing an immersive and captivating experience for our players. As we work towards expanding our product offerings, we are excited to share more updates with our community in the future. The month of April and May are expected to be highly productive as we gear up for the release of full-body Trainers, the next step in our Pixelmon ecosystem, Evolution 2 Pixelmon, and other product side developments, such as the collector’s profile and merchandise.

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