Pixelmon Development Update August

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In the past month, the Pixelmon team has continued to make significant strides in various areas. We have continued to work on  our main two gameplay experiences alongside expanding the Pixelmon IP to reach new verticals. Our recent achievements include collaborating with Coinbase to release a successful NFT,  organising a well-received product launch, as well as making crucial updates to the Arena and significant progress in the Hunting Grounds.

One of the major highlights of this month was the highly successful launch of the Summer Kevin NFT mint on BASE. After partnering with Coinbase for OnChain Summer, we witnessed the sale of over 22,000 individual NFTs. This success contributes to the IP of the Kevin Pixelmon alongside Pixelmon as a whole, and shows the demand for such a strong character, even in harsh market conditions. Alongside the NFT launch, we also introduced Kevin merchandise in the form of Kevin Buildoor Block sets. Both sets are now either sold out, or the sale has ended.

Stay tuned to our socials Discord and X (formerly Twitter) for our next launches!

Product Side Developments

  • Completed the first phase of the Badges development.
  • Integration of P2P Swap functionality by collaborating with NF3X.
  • Successful launch of the Summer Kevin NFT and Kevin Nanoblock, in partnership with Coinbase.
  • Continued development for the first round of {redacted}.
  • Ongoing development and expansion of mini games, incorporating the featuresof the new Kevin NFTs.

Hunting Grounds Progress

The Hunting Grounds project continues to evolve and expand, with dedicated efforts across all areas:


  • Defining Pixelmon Stats and Quest System.
  • Creating Game Vision Wireframes for the upcoming November build.
  • Progressing and expanding upon Level Design, with new hires to accelerate the process.
  • Evaluating different tileset proposals to capture desired gameplay dynamics.


  • Combat Enhancements: Integrating the Powerup phase into combat has been a notable achievement, adding depth to gameplay dynamics. This phase brings a new layer of strategy and excitement to encounters.
  • Climbing Mechanics: Focusing on refining Pixelmon placement mechanics, allowing players to explore their surroundings with greater agility. Climbing mechanics have also been improved, enabling more seamless traversal of the environment.
  • Multiplayer Connectivity: We are actively working on Multiplayer PVP connectivity, enabling us to connect two clients to a locally hosted dedicated server. This initiative aims to enhance the social and competitive aspects of the game.
  • Quality Improvements: Numerous UI enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented, contributing to a smoother and more polished gameplay experience.


  • Environment Enhancement: The environment art team has been dedicated to refining the environment of HG 001. This attention to detail is pivotal in crafting an immersive world which players can truly engage with.
  • Tech Art Innovations: To create a visually stunning and coherent game world, technical art improvements have been implemented across various aspects, including water, waterfall effects, fog, and more. 
  • Character Integration: The integration of characters into the Hunting Grounds universe continues. Ev2 versions of various Pixelmons have been finalised, enhancing the roster of characters available for testing.
  • Concept Art Exploration: The concept art team has been tirelessly working on various aspects, including the exploration of social hubs, resources, battle zones, and more. This exploration is crucial in laying the visual foundation for the game's diverse environments and spaces.

As we move forward, the Hunting Grounds project will continue to receive dedicated attention and its elements will be continuously refined to create a captivating gaming experience. We're excited to bring these developments to our community and look forward to sharing more updates in the coming months.

Stay tuned for further information and join our Discord to engage with our community and stay updated on the latest news. We’ll also be having a dedicated town hall meeting in the coming months to update progress on the Hunting Grounds development.

Arena Development

The Arena development has continued with general bug fixes, UI updates and feedback from our testing groups, but most notably, we've transitioned the project from PvP to a survival/Horde mode, ushering in new dynamics and gameplay.

To learn more about these changes and developments, we encourage everyone to check out our recent town hall session on the Arena's progress.

Future Outlook 

As we continue to push the boundaries of Pixelmon's universe, we're excited to share these updates with our dedicated community. Don't miss out on our participation at Token2049 and other networking events, and stay tuned for more news and updates, including the introduction of new mini games.For more information and the latest updates, subscribe to our newsletter on the Pixelmon website and follow us on Discord and X (formerly Twitter).

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