Development Update March 2024

Pixelmon Development Log: March 2024

In March, Pixelmon saw a lot of growth and expansion thanks to our global presence at IRL events which brought Pixelmon & Kevin to the masses. There’s also significant progress on our gaming fronts and continued anticipation for $MON & TGE. 

This month was particularly impactful for the $MON Protocol, marking a series of strategic partnerships that promise to propel Pixelmon and Pixelpals forward. 

MON Protocol: Expanding the Ecosystem through Strategic Partnerships

The MON Protocol has been at the forefront of Pixelmon’s ecosystem expansion recently, announcing partnerships with ChronoForge, Block Games, Revolving Games, Sekai Glory, Delabs, Kuroro Beasts, Tatsumeeko, Nyan Heroes, Play Ember, Valeria Games, Ambrus Studios, Endless Clouds, Confiction Labs, Blast Royale, Karate Combat,, Space Nation, Unioverse, Mintify, OpalBTC, Peanut Games, Xsociety, and Planet Mojo. These collaborations underscore our commitment to building the future of Web3 gaming. Check out the full details on our recent partnerships here.

The MON Protocol questing continues to grow,, and reinforcing its position as a cornerstone of the Pixelmon ecosystem:

  • Total Unique Wallets: 1,123,718
  • Active Mission Participants: 862,035
  • Strategic & Community Sale Participants: 20,391

For those looking to dive deeper into the $MON ecosystem now that the pre-sale have concluded, the Mission Platform and questing is one of the best ways you can get involved.

PixelPals Global Launch: Farming, Building, and Growing Together

In March, PixelPals officially went live with Season Zero, opening up a world where players can grow PixelPals, build their Habitats, and farm for $MON. The 1st week into the launch, the PixelPals community saw remarkable engagement:

  • Unique Players: ~125,000
  • Crops Harvested: ~1,700,000
  • Soju Consumed: ~45,000
  • Death by Soju: ~1,500

The prize pool for Season Zero has already reached over US$170,000 and continues to grow. For more information on how to join, visit the PixelPals website or start building your Habitat at for the chance to farm $MON token and get more involved with Pixelmon. Dive into the detailed guide on getting started with PixelPals here.

Sunsetting of Party Quest

This March, we've decided to sunset Party Quest to prepare for TGE. Over a span of 41 weeks, Party Quest saw the participation of 9755 Pixelmons and 6158 Trainers in various quests, rewarding our community.

While this chapter closes, we're exploring new avenues for E3 Serum distribution, aligning with our strategic focus on $MON sinks and faucets. This step is crucial for optimising the Community Pool allocation and does not influence any TGE timing or decisions.

The Arena: Gearing Up for Early Testing and Gameplay Enhancements

The Arena has reached significant milestones this month. We've prepared it for initial early testing, setting the stage for more extensive trials in the weeks and months ahead, which community members will be aware of very soon. Key developments include:

  • Enhanced Gameplay Loop: We've meticulously fleshed out the gameplay loop, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.
  • Sound: Sound effects (SFX) have been integrated for player characters and the environment, adding depth and immersion to every action and interaction within the game.
  • Animation and AI Upgrades: Updates to enemy animations and continuous improvements in enemy AI have made confrontations more rewarding.
  • Skill and Progression: We've expanded player character skills and updated the level progression flow, offering players a richer path through the Arena's challenges.

These updates are just the beginning. As we move into scaled testing, we're excited to expand upon these foundations, enhancing every aspect of gameplay to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Hunting Grounds: Deepening the Gameplay Experience

As Hunting Grounds continues to evolve, we're focusing on both the design and development fronts to create a detailed world for our players. This month's efforts have been geared towards:

  • Design Innovations:
    • Pixelmon Abilities and Passives: We're designing a diverse array of these for Pixelmon, aiming to make PvP fights thrilling and strategically diverse.
    • Progression and Damage Formulas: Fine-tuning these formulas to ensure a balanced and rewarding experience.
    • Campaign Mode Foundations: Laying the groundwork for the campaign mode, setting the stage for an epic adventure across the Pixelmon universe.
  • Development Progress:
    • Pixelmon Progression and Levelling Up Systems: Establishing the backbone for a fulfilling experience.
    • Campaign Mode and Battle Zones: Initiating the development of campaign mode and blocking out additional battle zones for strategic depth.
    • Backend Infrastructure: Enhancing backend servers and player account workflows for a seamless login and gameplay experience.
    • Ultimate Abilities and Multiplayer Servers: Experimenting with visual effects for the Ultimate Abilities and testing multiplayer dedicated servers to ensure robust, real-time engagements.

As we ramp up to TGE, there are still plenty of opportunities to gain exposure to $MON through $MON Protocol Questing and PixelPals. Stay tuned for more updates on $Mon Protocol, PixelPals, Pixelmon and TGE! We appreciate the continued support and encourage everyone to follow us on X and join our Discord for the latest news and developments.