Development Update October

We're excited to share October’s latest developments from the Pixelmon ecosystem! This month, our focus has been on significant releases, community engagement, and ongoing advancements in the mid-core gaming projects.

Kevin The Adventurer Launch

This month’s highlight was the successful launch of Kevin The Adventurer (KTA) on October 24th. KTA is a hyper-casual RoG game featuring Kevin's IP with distinct mechanics, reminiscent of Flappy Bird. The game has seen impressive numbers—200,000 play sessions, 200,000 minutes played, and over 6.9 million flaps within the first week.

Season changes tweet | KTA launch tweet | Play session numbers tweet | Play KTA

Kevin The Adventurer Tournament

We hosted a large cross-community tournament for KTA, rewarding the winning team, 'Flying Fools,' with almost 3 ETH worth of prizes. The tournament amassed 4200 viewers and was streamed live on X. 

We had over 16 teams with 59 individual players from other communities. The winning team consisted of Pixelmon community members, showcasing the gaming prowess of our community. Keep an eye out for more of these events in future on the Pixelmon X and Discord. The stream is also re-watchable now on our tournament stream tweet.

Product Team Developments

The product team has been primarily focused on the launch of KTA, managing meta-changes within seasons, and working on the next hyper-casual game, Pixel-Pets (working title). Badges earned through tasks have been introduced and can be found within our Discord.E3 evolution sounds, animations, and models are nearing completion, and are undergoing discussions within our community focus feedback groups.

Arena Development

Arena development is progressing rapidly with a pivot towards a survival mode experience, aiming for a Q3 2024 release. The team has also refined character skill design, movements, and abilities. Notably, Liquid X received a grant from MDEC, subsidising a portion of the Arena development.

Check out the Arena grant tweet here.

Hunting Grounds Progress 

Design, Development, and Art:

  • Continued definition of Pixelmon Stats, Quest System, and Game Vision Wireframes for the November build.
  • Level Design actively polishing HG 001 and evaluating different tileset proposals for optimal gameplay.
  • Integration of Power Up phase in combat, UI improvements, numerous bug fixes, and enhanced dialogue system for an improved user experience.
  • Environment dressing feedback for HG001, including water, river, dead zone fog, power-up VFX, and the introduction of FIRST RIGS.
  • Characters evolving with the integration of the girl trainer, completion of Ev2 for various Pixelmon, and ongoing concept art explorations.
  • Revamped hubs for improved player engagement, featuring overhauled dialogue systems and improved grid-style compatibility.
  • Working on a modular kit for climbing sequences for reusability and a new tTile-based level design workflow for standardised production.
  • Ongoing research and development for Multiplayer PVP connectivity, crash fixes, and functional tests in the build pipeline.
  • Comprehensive improvements to the in-game economy system and player progression for a more immersive gaming experience.

The team's efforts have resulted in significant progress, bringing us closer to a more playable and showcaseable version of the Hunting Grounds. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the Pixelmon X and Discord.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our October development update. We appreciate the continued support from the Pixelmon community. The team will be present at YGG Web3 Games Summit in PH, and we encourage everyone to stay tuned for more news and updates, including upcoming minigames and updates on the main mid-core games. Follow us on X and join our Discord for the latest developments, updates and plans going forward.