Pixelmon Development Update September

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Held in Singapore, Token2049 was the most significant event for Pixelmon this month. The event served as a platform for us to showcase our games, make valuable networking connections and present ourselves to a broader audience. Token2049 was more than just an event; it was an opportunity for us to solidify our presence in Web3.

Pixelmon at Token2049

At Token2049, we did everything possible to captivate audiences. Here are some highlights:

  • We showcased gameplay from our two midcore games, offering attendees an exclusive look into Pixelmon’s development with core team members present to answer questions about Tokenomics, the community, game development and even questions about CEO Giulio himself.
  • Our first comic panels were displayed, delving into the lore and storytelling elements that make Pixelmon a captivating experience.
  • Major highlights of our booth included the giant Kevin statue and a Pixelmon-themed claw machine, brimming with merchandise. From Kevin blocks to Pixelmon T-shirts, socks, and unreleased plushies, attendees had a chance to take a piece of Pixelmon home and even take a photo with the beloved Kevin.
  • The Pixelmon team was thrilled to receive an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, making us one of the most interactive and positively received booths at the conference, with Kevin all over twitter during the period.
  • The event will enable us to forge valuable connections and allow us to expand our network with meaningful partnerships later down the line.
  • A collaborative event with BBRC and Memeland further strengthened our connections within the Web3 community, resulting in more than tripling our organic impressions and visibility during the event.

For more information about our Token2049 experience, check out our Discord and X (formerly twitter). Our new onboarding page also showcases some of the gameplay and comic pages we had at the event.

Hunting Grounds Development

With Token2049 being our first showcase of the game, let's delve into the latest developments in Hunting Grounds, one of our most ambitious projects:


  • We've been defining Pixelmon Stats, Quest Systems, and Game Vision Wireframes, setting the stage for the November build.
  • Our Level Design team has been diligently polishing HG 001 alongside the Environment team.
  • Several key questions are pending answers as we review climbing mechanics, movement dynamics, hunting elements, and world construction.


  • We're integrating the Powerup phase in combat and refining the power-up logic.
  • Numerous UI improvements and bug fixes have been made to enhance the overall user experience.


  • Our Environment artists are hard at work, dressing HG 001 and exploring various visual enhancements.
  • Tech Art has made strides in including elements such as water, river, dead zone fog, power-up VFX and more.
  • Our character roster continues to grow with Ev2 fully complete for various Pixelmon, including Grailon, Nomnom, Hood, Sharmen, Berg, Bulbore, and Mr. Muffles.
  • Concept art is painting vivid pictures for our social hub, resources, hunting grounds, skyboxes, teleporters, and cliffscapes.

Arena Development

Arena development has been steadily progressing, offering a unique twist to the Pixelmon experience. Here's a glimpse of what's happening in the Arena:

  • The Arena is evolving into a survival-based horde mode gameplay, and new builds are in the works for testing groups.
  • While detailed information on the Arena is limited at this stage, we're actively working on improvements and new features to elevate the gameplay experience.
  • At the recent Token2049 event, the Arena shone in PvP mode, earning praise for its smooth gameplay, impressive graphics, and enjoyable mechanics.
  • General fixes and updates are in progress to further enhance the Arena's overall quality and gameplay.

More information on the Arena and its upcoming developments can be found in this recent article from our Town Hall.

Lore Updates

The Pixelmon universe continues to expand, not just in gameplay but in storytelling and world-building in our continued efforts to strengthen and develop our IP.

  • Our team has completed the first detailed map, complete with captivating art and lore that breathes life into Nova Thera.
  • The development of our comic books is ongoing, with exciting narratives and visuals being worked out, showcased recently at Token2049.
  • Stories and lore elements are continually evolving and can be explored on the Pixelmon website.
  • We're committed to crafting rich lore to enrich the wider Pixelmon universe and immerse players even further.

Final Thoughts

We want to express our immense gratitude to our ever-supportive community. The support received from our community at Token2049 was exceptional, and it has motivated us to continue to push boundaries even further. For more information and the latest updates, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Discord and X (formerly Twitter).

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