Pixelmon Lore Podcast #1

Over the next few weeks we will be speaking to Linus Persson Lundh, our Lead Narrative Designer here at Pixelmon. Linus spent his time designing the lore and world-building for Pixelmon. On our first episode, we chat about origins of the Lifetenders (Earth Tribe) 

Does the thought of sleeping on the branches of the largest tree to ever exist sound exciting? Then you’ll fit right in with them. The Lifetenders, as the name suggests, have connected their way of life to the natural cycles. They seek to live harmoniously within the flow while minimizing disturbance to the world around them. I once asked my host what the name of their giant tree was, and all I got was a perplexed look! Apparently, only the tree knows its own name, and it’s not for us to decide. They’re very caring people who welcomed me during my stay as though I had always lived there. A word of caution, though: their philosophical and theological debates can run all night if you’re not careful!

Their homes are built from the natural scraps of the forest below, so the smell isn’t to my liking, but there are few places that can match the view from atop the mighty tree. To get up there, you’ll need to visit Roothome at its base. This is where most trade is done, since having every merchant move their goods all the way up The Tree is somewhat impractical, to say the least. From Roothome, you’ll find the steps leading up. That said, I never did get to reach the top branch, and it’s one of my few regrets. Read more