Pixelmon Lore Podcast #2

This week we speak Linus Persson Lundh, our Lead Narrative Designer here in Pixelmon about the origins of the Waveborne (Water Tribe) 


When the Ashfall came, those who couldn't flee to the shelters or mountains took to the sea in sheer panic, rather than due to any rational thought. Such a lifestyle was a dangerous gamble, given the unforgiving nature of the ocean. At first, piracy and raiding was the norm, many thinking their chances of survival would be better if they simply took what they needed from those weaker than them. 

The raiding led to fleets of vessels gathering together to become less attractive targets. Working together was the optimal method for life on the sea, and at first, pirates formed small fleets of their own, but these would always fracture sooner or later. In time, raiding and piracy diminished, though neither truly went away.

Time has forgotten the first sailors who discovered Seahome, but news of the massive crewless ship spread across the seas, drawing in sailors with the promise of hope in a ravaged world.

The floating marvel that would become Seahome was large enough to support a settlement. It made for an appealing home for those with family members whom they wished to protect from the erratic life on the ocean, or for those seeking some semblance of consistency at sea. In time, the once-abandoned hulk became a bustling city, built up without much planning or order. Over the centuries, the erratic building and use of decommissioned ships has created a cramped, narrow and winding labyrinth, wreathed in colourful sailcloth as it rides the currents of the oceans. Read more