Pixelmon Lore Podcast #3

This week we speak with Linus Persson Lundh - our Lead Narrative Designer - about the origins of the the Triumvirate (Fire Tribe) 


The Triumvirate are masters of fire and steel, the blood of the artisans strong in their veins. They're a hardy people who, for reasons beyond most reasonable folk, decided to settle by the foot of a volcano: Mount Kaia. She might be dormant, but Kaia's heart is most certainly alive. It turns out that their ancestors saw far into the future; those brilliant craftsmen dug into Kaia herself. Through the marvel of engineering, stone was shaped to redirect her lava flows to soften the nearby glaciers. Fresh water, warmth, and rich resources... but it will always be at the whim of Kaia's mood. The guilds maintain this tricky balance through their impressive combined governance.

The Rings of Cinder is a stunning feat of human achievement you must certainly visit someday. Did you know that the Triumvirate paint their roofs in different colours to denote their purpose? No? Well then, I'm not telling you what they mean. That's for you to find out. The Triumvirate are mostly a stoic lot and are quick to identify by the stone beads they often wear. Each one marks an important moment in their life, and this is a great way to strike up a conversation. Here's some wisdom, born from my error and embarrassment, it's best to ask about them in general terms rather than a specific one that catches your eye. Read more.