Pixelmon Lore Podcast #4

This week we speak with Linus Persson Lundh - our Lead Narrative Designer - about the origins of the the Wingfolk (Wind Tribe) 


The Wingfolk’s connection to the air blankets their very way of life. Freedom is the foundation of their society, which is a funny saying since they don’t really construct buildings. What could be more free than moving and living wherever you want, whenever you want? Exactly. That’s the reason why one of the first skills they teach their youngsters is how to build a tent. The world is yours when your home’s on your back and the wind is your guide. Of course, there are places they value enough to create some permanent structures, or gatherings. Hmm, what would you call a collective of tents that never leave? Regardless, the Eight Winds is the largest community of Wingfolk, and for good reason. They protect the enormous cloth hall known as the Tale’s Canvas, our most sacred treasure. It holds all the recorded stories of our ancestors from every travelling band. If the Tale’s Canvas were to be lost, then all our history would be lost with it! This is why you’re not allowed to bring fire there; only the lorekeepers working there may do so. The bands of the Wingfolk have their own lifestyles, but the one we all share is to carry our precious chimes, the sounds of our past and family legacy. Besides the concerns with fire, this is the other reason why our tents are spaced so far apart. It allows each family chime to ring in peace from each other. Read more.