Pixelmon NFTs Abilities & Attributes 101

In the Pixelmon game, Pixelmon are the unique creatures of a post-apocalyptic world called NoVa Thera. These mystifying creatures come in all shapes, sizes and species, and can be caught in-game, traded, played with and bought and sold as NFTs.

Pixelmon NFTs also possess cool abilities and attributes. They currently have 9 stats or attributes, visible on their Opensea page. Some of these statistics are self-explanatory while others are a little more complex in nature.

Interested to learn more about these mysterious NFT creatures and their abilities? This article will offer valuable insights into Pixelmon key abilities and attributes as well as explain their use within the game and the wider Pixelmon ecosystem. Let’s get into it!

Pixelmon Attributes Basic Breakdown


This represents a Trainer’s bond with their Pixelmon. It is used to claim their Trainer and is currently available through our soft staking mechanisms. Affinity will tie the Pixelmon to the Trainer it claimed, ensuring higher benefits when staked alongside each other.

More on these mechanics and the Trainer collection can be found in our Affinity Training article and here.


A Pixelmon creature’s ability to deal damage and successfully land attacks on other creatures.


A Pixelmon creature’s ability to defend against attacks and resist incoming damage.


This stands for Health Points. It represents the maximum Total Health a Pixelmon has. It also shows how durable and resilient Pixelmon are to receiving damage.

Special Attack

Special Attack determines how much damage a Pixelmon creature can cause whilst using an ability.

Special Defence

Special Defence determines how much damage a Pixelmon creature can resist when being hit by a Special Attack.

Unknown 1

The level you start at in the game, as opposed to base level one. This offers a headstart in the game.

Unknown 2

To be announced at a later date.

Reward Multiplier

This is directly tied to the rarity tier of your Pixelmon creature. It is a proxy of rarity and entails the multiplier you will receive during the Public Token Airdrop.

How Will Statistics Be Represented in the Game?

All L1 Genesis NFT holders, which includes all Evolutions of Pixelmon Generation 1 creatures, will be airdropped an L2 copy of their Pixelmon creature which can be used in the game.

This L2 copy NFT will start with the statistics of the L1 Genesis it derives from, and the Genesis NFTs statistics will be wiped. These starting attributes will provide an initial advantage to L1 Genesis holders, without causing a game-breaking imbalance. Ultimately, all Pixelmon creatures can still be levelled and improved in-game through play-to-own (P2O) mechanics while free-to-play (F2P) players can reach the same levels via grind and levelling.

This is valid for all the in-game attributes mentioned previously: Attack, Special Attack, HP, Defense, Special Defense and Unknown 1.

How Effective Will a Pixelmon be In-Game?

As any good game requires, statistics will not be the ultimate factor in determining a Pixelmon’s effectiveness. Instead, statistics will boost and enhance a Pixelmon’s natural attributes and will still depend on the controlling player’s skill and ability.

There are also a plethora of other factors that will influence your Pixelmon’s ability and effectiveness. This includes the Trainer being used (tribe and rarity), any special passive abilities or equipment NFTs that were either found or purchased on primary and secondary markets and ultimately, the in-game mechanics of levelling and improving your Pixelmon through training and enhancing with in-game resources.

In other words, in-game attributes offer a headstart but not one that would negatively affect F2P gamers. This will establish a greater commercial viability for the game as a whole.

Will Future Evolutions Be Stronger Than Evolution 1’s?

No, future evolutions will not necessarily be stronger than Evolution 1 Pixelmon. They would of course start from a higher set of stats vs a Level 1 Evolution 1 Pixelmon, however, an Evolution 1 can still continue levelling up without evolving. They can also match or surpass a higher evolution of its own species.

However, evolving will make levelling up easier from a certain level onwards. For example, from level 20 onwards, the differential effort needed to go up by one level with an Evolution 1 will be more than the differential effort needed to go up by one level with an Evolution 2 of the same evolution path.

That being said, the main advantages of a future evolution are as follows:

1) The ability to level faster

2) Requires less experience to progress in-game and improve compared to lower evolutions

3) Starts from a higher level of stats vs a base level Evolution 1. For Example, an Evolution 1 Borg takes 10k XP to get to level 20. From level 20 the Pixelmon can evolve to Ev2 or remain Ev1, if it evolves to E2 it’ll need 3k more XP to get to level 25, while if it remains E1 it’ll need 5k more XP to get to the same level.

This will be a linear curve that exponentially increases as the levels get higher, requiring a lot more experience to improve Evolution 1’s later in the game. This being said, an Evolution 2 Borg would not necessarily be stronger than an equally levelled Evolution 1.

Note: The above is an example only, the exact curve difference in levelling is TBA.

Can Statistics & Attributes Be Changed?

Yes, stats can be increased through in-game play and grinding. They can also be increased through weapons, armour and various accessories available for your Pixelmon creatures as equipment NFTs.

Aside from that, they can also be enhanced by your Trainer’s relationship with your Pixelmon, represented by the tribe and rarity, and depending on if your Trainer was the original one claimed from the aforementioned Pixelmon.

How Will Evolution 2 Pixelmon Statistics Be Determined?

When evolving via Burn, the resulting next evolution will inherit the stats of the Pixelmon burnt. When evolving via Serum, the resulting next evolution will have randomised stats.

These insights into Pixelmon abilities and attributes will definitely help you go far in the game. For more information about the game, check out the Pixelmon site here.

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