Pixelmon Partners

We’ve had a lot of interest on Twitter, Discord, and in our various AMA’s about who we’re partnering with for various aspects of the project, alongside their individual credentials and experience. Below you can find a brief introduction to each of our current partners, what they’re working on, and where you can find more information.

TWO AM — Pixelmon’s sound partner

Two AM Music Global describe themselves as a ‘creative family that strives to tell stories and amplify brands around the world with music and audio.’

The Two AM team comprises many experienced sound producers, designers, and composers. Find out more about their team by following this link to their website:

Two AM has an extensive showreel {} demoing many of their past partners and clients, including multiple game trailers built on Unreal for customers such as Bandai Namco and Sony..

Currently, for Pixelmon, Two AM has been focused on the individual character audios, which you can listen to on the Pixelmon website: {}. In the future, they will play a pivotal role in the game’s sound development and creation process.

Brightnode {} — Tokenomics experts and consultants

‘BrightNode is a leader in the crypto industry for Tokenomics consulting.’

Having worked on and delivered more than 50 Tokenomic studies and whitepapers for companies, from start-ups to large corporations, Brightnode are specialists in SociaFi, NFTT, GameFI, Metaverse, DAO, and Ecosystem Economics.

They boast a team of experts in tokenomics, financial advisors, and financial analysts, more information about themcan be found via this link: Their previous partners include Bricklayer Dao, Undeads, MetaLegends, Guilds, and more.

Currently, Brightnode is working alongside our in-house tokenomics expert to create a vibrant and effective ecosystem supported by a robust tokenomics system for Pixelmon.

StarLoop Studios {} — Game & Art Development

StarLoop Studios is a Magic Media company that has been alongside Pixelmon from the very start. They take pride in their ‘World Class Experience,’ and their 600+ employees have worked on 300+ projects for 200+ clients worldwide.

With an impressive list of past projects and clientele, StarLoop studios are a very experienced team with ‘immense experience in developing games for more than 12 years.’ Their games have received Editor’s Choice, Best New Games, Games of the Year, №1 in App Store, and №1 Overall App Store recognitions. Below is a list of some of the companies they’ve worked with in the past.

Currently, StarLoop Studios is working on the Arena and Hub aspects of the game. More on these developments can be found in the Pixelmon Discord.

Wachsman {} — PR Partner

Wachsman is a ‘strategic communications consultancy specializing in Blockchain.’ As a global team that has worked alongside some of the best-known actors in the emerging technology sector worldwide and some of the world’s largest corporations, they’re highly experienced and qualified at what they do.

Their services include strategy & consulting, PR & strategic communications, marketing, and founder & CEO advisory. Their team consists of headhunted experts in subject matters such as professional authors, content creators, designers, and media specialists, and their profiles can be viewed in further detail via this link:

This experienced and qualified team has worked with many well-known companies within the Web3 space, including EToro, Cardano, Raible, Amber, Trrezor, Chainlink, and more. They’re now adding Pixelmon to this list as they join us as our PR & Strategic Communications partner.

Kevuru Games {} — Game Development Partner

Kevuru Games is an art outsourcing studio specializing in game design and development services. With 8+ years of experience in the game art design and development industry, Kevuru Games has a strong and impressive portfolio: {} Their clients include Epic Games, Foxnext Games, EA, Bandaai Naaamco, LucasFilms, and many more.

Currently, Keuvuru is working alongside Pixelmon on designing some of the key instances of our game.