Pixelmon Training Guide + FAQ

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We would like to introduce you to the concept of Pixelmon Training, which will operate in a similar process to soft lock staking.

Soft locking means that your NFT will not be transferred to a smart contract, you will have complete access to your NFT at all times, making the entire process much more convenient. If the address holding a specific Pixelmon changes (via buying, selling or transferring) at any time during the training process, the timer will be reset and the Pixelmon will need to be soft locked again via the new wallet/owner.

We opted for a soft staking set up as:

  • It is gasless
  • It will not impact our holder count on OS
  • It will not impact our holder statuses on Discord
  • Overall it is a more efficient and light process for a metadata enhancement type of staking process

Training for a set period of time will give the ability to the holder to enhance their NFT metadata. You will be able to unlock both visual as well as auditory enhancements to your NFTs initiating training on our website and not transferring the NFT from your wallet for the duration of the training period. After 14 days of training, your NFT will be upgraded with animations, and after 28 days (an additional 14 to the first 14) it’ll upgrade a second time to receive the auditory enhancements.

Training rewards:

  1. 14 days: Animation
  2. 28 days: Sound

First, navigate to staking.pixelmon.ai or if you’re already on the webpage, connect your Metamask wallet. Click the ‘BEGIN TRAINING’ button in the bottom right, this will bring up a list of all the Pixelmon held by the connected wallet. The training status of each Pixelmon will appear on this list. Once you’ve chosen the Pixelmon NFT(s) you want to train, click ‘TRAIN’, once again in the bottom right of your screen.

This will start the process, but you will need to refresh the page in order to update the status of your Pixelmon NFT. It’ll update automatically whenever you log in as well.

We are aware that a number of our top holders are collectors of multiple Pixelmon, for their ease we have added a “select all / stake all” option, so that you have to perform the operation only once per wallet and not once per Pixelmon.

Now you know everything there is to know about training your Pixelmon.


How much GAS fees will it cost me to begin Training?

Training is completely free, there are no transaction fees involved in the process of locking or unlocking your Pixelmon.

Will the NFT leave my wallet?

No, your NFT will not move outside of your wallet, you will still have full access to buy & sell your NFT. However, as soon as your NFT moves to another wallet, the NFT will automatically unlock and your day counter will reset back to 0. We expect the value of trained Pixelmon to carry a premium.

Will I still be able to Sell or Transfer my NFT if I decide I don’t want to keep my NFT locked for the upgraded features?

Yes, with soft locking, you will still have complete control over your NFT at all times.

How do I stake on the Pixelmon Website?

Refer above for the detailed process on how to begin Training your Pixelmon!

What if I stake a Pixelmon Egg?

If you stake an egg it will have no effect on the Pixelmon inside of it. Once hatched, that Pixelmon will have to be trained to receive the metadata updates.

What if I stake a Kevin?

If a Kevin is trained for the 14 days it will have its art updated to the new art.

Can I stake on mobile?

The staking website is not optimised for mobile devices.

What browsers are supported?

The staking website is currently only optimised for Google Chrome.

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