Pixelmon update and upcoming developments (27/07/2022)

Brief Summary

The new art update will be at 12pm EST on the 2nd of August, these will be 3D images while the animation and sound will be accessible and unlockable later through ‘Pixelmon Training’ that will be explored and implemented at a later date. As many have requested, the beloved Kevin will remain the same.

After this, our next deliverables and exciting announcements to share are the new website, Pixelmon Zoology and world lore, the game map, a marketing push and a special airdrop reveal.

In further Detail

We’d like to thank all our holders for their patience so far. Whilst it took us four months to get here in regard to the art update, our later collections and evolutions will be completed at a much higher speed.

Initially the art teams spent a significant amount of time conceptualising not only the art, but the lighting, environment, and style. Now, we’re very happy with this and can focus solely on going from concept to 3D models efficiently and fast. Our teams also had a brief stage of partial capacity throughout May which has now been, rectified, ramped up and expanded which should allow us to finish evolution 2 and 3 within the year and the fourth for Q1.

Art Update on Progress and Timing

New art will launch at 12pm EST on August 2nd

We have recently finished reviewing all 68 still 3D images of the Pixelmon and the egg in the new high poly and micro-textured collection. This process was one that consisted of reviewing Pixelmon in batches internally and taking on the communities’ comments and suggestions within our discord channels, twitter and our community driven focus groups.

Through this process and from the communities’ suggestions, we decided to completely redesign 10 Pixelmon, Goloid, Nom-Nomv1, Nom-Nomv2, Hazerd, Bloop, Rahzer, Ghastly, Florasaur, Bruizer and Luna. The last Pixelmon in this list, Luna, was decided to be redesigned on the 26th July, meaning she will take a few extra days to upgrade.

Although we’re not expecting any delays, we will alert the community directly and transparently if any occur.

What will you receive?

3D images, not animated or capable of sound yet

All 68 Pixelmon will be capable of their own unique sound, crafted and finalized by our partner 2am over two weeks ago. Currently, 80% of our Pixelmon are rigged, with 65% animation ready and within a week this should be 100% complete.

The reason these will not be instantly accessible, is we aim to allow trainers to bond their Pixelmon before their companion is capable of communication and moving. This will come in the form of Pixelmon training. Pixelmon training will allow soft staking functions performed on our game map, within our new website. This will allow us to create some pre-alpha training mechanics, and test our dynamic NFT’s.

Soft staking means you will not have to transfer your NFTs. This also means all ownership counts and rights such as discord, Whop and Opensea’s owner count will remain the same.

Update on Kevin

On August 2nd, Kevin will remain the same

For our Kevin holders, you will be presented with an interesting choice. Within a week or two from the art update, the new website will have a function where Kevin holders can opt out of seeing their Kevin update to the new high poly. Holders that don’t opt out will see their Kevin updated to the current voxelated Kevin placed in a high poly environment, consistent with the rest of the collection.

Opting out from the new art will mean no animation upgrade or sound upgrade will be available. Should a un-altered Kevin try and train, its background will be upgraded to the new high poly version.