Trainer Adventures

We’re excited to announce that Trainer Adventures will be released in February 2023! This event will gamify the holder experience and reward long-term holders of both the Trainer and Pixelmon NFTs.

All you need is 1 Pixelmon Trainer NFT to participate in this event.

If you have your Trainer soft-staked, they will go on an adventure to the different regions of Nova Thera every week and return, possibly with some treasure found. (Don’t worry, the Trainer NFT won’t actually leave your wallet and you can unstake any time!)

If the Trainer is staked with a Pixelmon of a matching tribe (the original Pixelmon used to claim the Trainer is guaranteed to be so), they will have harmony in their skills and be more effective in their adventure.

How the Probability of Finding Treasure is Calculated:

  1. 1 Trainer soft-staked for 7 days gets 1 ticket.
  2. This ticket and tickets from all other Trainers go into a raffle pool.
  3. The probability of a Trainer finding treasure on their adventures will depend on the number of tickets they own, relative to the pool of tickets owned by other Trainers.
  4. If the Trainer is staked with a Pixelmon of matching tribe (e.g. Water Trainer with Water Pixelmon), it will result in a 2X multiplier on that Trainer’s tickets for the week (e.g. In week 2, a Trainer and Pixelmon of the same tribe that have been staked together since day 1 will have 4 tickets). This does not need to be the exact Pixelmon used to claim the Trainer.
  5. Tickets are cumulative. (e.g. At the end of week 5, a staked Trainer without a Pixelmon will have 5 tickets for that draw).
  6. Using this luck-based mechanic, we hope to reward both holders who stake for long periods of time but also have small holders still be able to win treasures.
  7. If Trainers are unstaked, they will lose the tickets they have accumulated.

Possible Treasures to be Found:

  • Evolution Serums — Get ready to evolve your Pixelmon!
  • OG rare armour and weapons for the Pixelmon game. These will be the ultimate flex as our first event-only armour and weapons.
  • Sponsored trips to large-scale Pixelmon events around the world. Each Sponsored Trip NFT will be claimable for up to US$2,000 in hotel or flight expenses.

Weekly Time Distribution: all times are calculated by a 24-hour clock.

  1. Trainer must be staked before Tuesday at 08:15 (GMT+8) to have generated a ticket in time for next week’s draw (7 days later).
  2. Holders will be able to see and reveal their rewards from Tuesday at 12:00 (GMT+8)
  3. Users will be able to reveal their rewards up until Monday at 12:00  (GMT+8). Rewards that are unrevealed past that are deemed to be unclaimed and will recycle back into the prize pool for future weeks.
  4. Be sure to show up every week to check if you have won something!

Coming next: Evolution 2

Evolution 2s (E2s) will be launching very soon. Their designs will be awesome, and their supply will be low.

Through Trainer Adventures, a small remainder of the small E2 evolution serum supply will be distributed slowly over the next 4 months and there will never be an increase in serum supply in future. Maximum number of E2s possible will be 2,800.

Important Note: When you burn an Evolution Serum to evolve a Pixelmon, you will get a new E2 NFT AND keep the original E1. This will give you the upcoming benefits (eg. airdrops) of both NFTs.

Benefits of Evolution 2s:

E2s will be a low supply group of Pixelmon NFTs. E2s will enjoy all the same upcoming benefits (eg. airdrops) as E1s, plus enhanced token distribution rights. 

E3s will be even more exclusive. Maximum number of E3s possible will be 1,000. Of course, you will need an E2 to get an E3. 

Also, maybe collecting the E1 and E2 of the same species will get you certain benefits…