Fate has been both kind and unkind poor Cactwo. As it morphs into Cactwodum, everything about Cactwo is amplified. The size, strength, the sharpness of the spikes, and yes, even the lacking intellect somehow becomes more lacking. Their love for the fight only grows, but thankfully, their refusal to be cruel to those they defeat remains strong.

Just like Cactwo, Cactwodum prefers the open, sandy deserts and solitude, well, other than when getting itself into a proper fight. Even stronger and with heavier fists than Cactwo, Cactwodum can thoroughly ruin the day of anything it decides to pick a fight with or anything dumb enough to pick a fight with them.

Just as Cactwo is a popular character featured in many stories, so too is the Cactwodum. There’s just something about a big, lumbering brute with the wits of your average shoe wandering around, enjoying what they love best in life - a good fight with a good opponent!

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