A Year of Progress: Upcoming Developments and Exciting News for Pixelmon NFT

As we reach the one-year mark since Giulio assumed the role of CEO of the Pixelmon Game project, we reflect on the growth and achievements made during this time. Pixelmon has flourished and grown, reaching important milestones and fostering a dedicated community that we’re so appreciative for as we build alongside them. You can read a little more on our accomplishments and progress over the last year in the following Pixelmon 2022 Recap. With April set to be a busy month of releases and events, we would like to provide an update on the expected developments.

E2 Release and Art Improvements: Our Evolution 2 user interface is ready for live deployment following successful User Acceptance Testing (UAT). However, we are taking additional time to refine the art by making minor adjustments to approximately 15 animations and 10 VFX effects. We anticipate the art to be completed between the 3rd and 4th week of April.

Website Refresh: We have updated the website with new brand guidelines and a Pixelmon logo. This update has been developed in collaboration with C27, an external marketing agency. You can now see these changes live on our Twitter, Discord and Website.

Partnership Announcement: By the end of April, we will reveal a significant cross-project partnership. This collaboration, which will likely align with the first E2 mint, includes game and cross-collection integrations between Pixelmon and the partner collection and hopefully provides a strong footing for future meaningful collaborations with other Web3 native projects.

Trainer Art and Animation Enhancements: The trainer full-body art is expected to be ready by the first week of April however, we decided to animate the environment for higher rarity trainers, requiring a little extra rendering time but hopefully the effect will be worth the extra wait.

Trainer Burn and Collection Adjustment: The Trainer collection will be reduced to 7,000 items within approximately a week. Nearly 1,000 trainers will be retained in the treasury for use as prizes, ecosystem entry tokens for new hires, and more. We’ll also be renaming weapon attributes in the metadata to make their rarities clearer.These changes will be viewable on  opensea, and on the gear page of our website where you can see all of the Trainers current items.

Pixelmon Attributes and Tokenomics Whitepaper: To simplify the ecosystem for new entrants, we have already removed all attribute stats except luck. The whitepaper and Right of Game (RoG) Terms and Conditions are scheduled for release in the third week of April, after extensive legal consultation to protect intellectual property rights across major jurisdictions.

Advisory Board Introduction: We have recruited four industry experts covering Game Art, Game Design, User Acquisition, and Legal coverage. They will be announced within the next week, followed by live AMA sessions for community members to meet them.

Live Gameplay Streaming of the Arena: We plan to host live gameplay streaming within the next couple of weeks, showcasing holders playing in real-time.

In conclusion, we express our sincere gratitude to the entire Pixelmon community for their unwavering support and trust over the past year. We are immensely proud of the progress we have made and eagerly anticipate the upcoming developments. Additionally, for those interested in a behind-the-scenes look, our most recent dev log will be published in the coming days on the website. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you all. For more information and to keep up to date with all of our updates, changes and upcoming deliverables please follow us on Twitter, join our Discord and pay attention to the latest updates on our Website.