Pixelmon 2022 Recap

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As the year comes to a close, it's a great time to reflect on the events, accomplishments, developments and changes that have occurred within Pixelmon in the past twelve months and since Pixelmons mint in February. This year has been filled with changes and exciting developments for Pixelmon, and we wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights with you. From major team development and new leadership to product updates, community initiatives and a year full of building, it's been a busy and productive year where we’ve built both alongside and for our community and holders. In this end of year recap, we'll look back at some of the most notable events and accomplishments of the past year and offer a glimpse into what the future might hold.

Team Developments

Summarised in an article published on August 29th of this year, titled ‘New Beginnings’ we explained how Giulio Xiloyannis came to join and lead the Pixelmon project as CEO with the support of LiquidX and the substantial, experienced and qualified team that come with them.

More details on Giulio and the new leadership team can be found within this article from September ‘Twitter Spaces AMA 08/09/2022’ or on the actual recorded spaces available within the article where Giulio delved into the project's new governance structure, board of directors, operational safety and more.

At this point, the Pixelmon and LiquidX team had already grown to one of 50 strong with a CTO from Microsoft, concept artists from Far Cry to smaller indie teams and more. Since then the teams expansion has only continued to scale and develop now with more than double the employees that include our newest senior hires; Stefan Ivanov, an Art Director with 13 years’ experience and titles such as Mortal Kombat, WWE Remastered and Saints Row under his belt, Pascal Luban our Lead Game Designer with an extensive title list and past studios including Activision, Ubisoft and Sony, Sean-Li Murmann onboarded as Game Tech Director coming from Final Fantasy XV, Phantom brigade and more and finally Anthony Bray, a veteran with almost 30 years of industry experience and an impressive past portfolio to match.

Alongside internal hires and onboarding, Pixelmon has also already acquired an extensive network of partners helping us create our universe. From Two Am, our sound partner to Starloop Studios from Magic Media working on our Arena game, we have begun onboarding teams to help our development and introducing them in regular streams with Giulio where holders and listeners can discover more about their involvement and significance in the project. You can read more in detail on team developments and partnerships and stay up to date with all our team developments as we continue to scale on the Pixelmon Website Newsroom.

Project Developments

A year of change and growth wouldn’t be complete without changes to our collection, upgrades, updates and deliverables. We started with the delivery of our Pixelmon Evolution Serums, first announced at the beginning of June and delivered a few days later. Serums are the key to unlocking the next evolution of your Pixelmon, and you can find out a little information on the next evolutions in our article on the Pixelmon Evolution 2 Paths.

We then continued with an art revamp in August, changing the look, movement and sound of our Pixelmon and gamifying the experience for our holders through unique soft staking mechanisms that allow holders to send their Pixelmon to train, and return with art animation, sound and most recently, their very own Pixelmon Trainer. Pixelmon Trainers are full bodied assets which holders can even now claim their 3D files for through staking and bring their Trainer NFT to life and were designed by Blizzards Principal Lead Character Artist Hong.

More information on each of these deliverables can be found within the following articles. Our Gamified Staking for Sound and Animation Training Affinity Training & Pixelmon Trainer Collection whilst our newly published IP licences for the trainers 3D files are available on the Pixelmon Website.

Finally, alongside and supporting all this our narrative team has been hard at work from the very beginning carving out and developing the Pixelmon lore for our world Nova Thera and all of its intricacies. From already released content like the world overview, Pixelmon Zoology and Weapon and Armor Names to the ongoing lore entries available on the website and plethora of content still to be released and explored through further expansions, mediums and within our game.

Right of Game

All of these deliverables and developments are tied into the ecosystem with something we like to call, Right of Game (R.O.G). Right of game is an innovative incentive mechanism that’s intent is to create the first Decentralised Game Ownership (DGO) system that provides the right incentives for play-to-own (P2O) gamers while leveraging the proven model in free-to-play (F2P) gaming and microtransactions.

Right of Game was first introduced through Giulio's own twitter at the end of October, then later expanded upon and explained in detail in mid-November on our medium. Right of Game (R.O.G). Right of Game introduces layers to the Pixelmon ecosystem that enables mass market adoption and enjoyability for all levels of game-play and investor, whilst also maintaining rewarding mechanisms for our supporters and holders.

Right of game supports all of our current collections such as Serums, Pixelmon and Trainers, and will be extended to every addition to our ecosystem. These benefits for each collection, alongside our future land and various evolutions of Pixelmon are available within this article titled ‘Unlocking the benefits of Pixelmon NFT’s’. This article also gives a detailed look into what’s to come within the Pixelmon ecosystem as we look towards our future evolutions Tokenomics, governance and land deliverables in 2023.

Reflections and looking ahead

This year has been a testament to the importance and value of community for Pixelmon. Despite facing challenges early in the year, the team has continued to build and grow alongside its supportive community. From gathering feedback and suggestions through focus groups and open forums, to making strides in community engagement, the support of our holders has been instrumental in our development.

This symbiotic relationship has not gone unnoticed in the wider community, as Pixelmon has gained recognition for our early alpha gameplay and continuous progress. Our community's support has played a vital role in our success, and we are grateful for their ongoing involvement.

As we look ahead to 2023 and beyond, we are excited to continue building and growing with our community. We are thankful for their support and look forward to continued collaboration in the coming year.

Looking ahead

2022 was a year of significant change and establishing credibility and confidence - our core objective as a project, a team and a community was to get back on track, while there was no lack of execution most of our efforts went into foundation building - hiring and onboarding the right team, defining our whitepaper, defining our Game Design document, setting ourselves up as a company with a functioning HR and Finance division, strong company values and reward mechanisms etc… 

If 2022 was dedicated to building the foundations, 2023 will be focused on constructing the product to be built upon them - our studio will start testing alongside community and refining our game, our community team will expand into local chapters and offline community driven events, our world lore will expand exponentially and our holders will continue to experience constant updates and upgrades in their training path. 

I truly look forward to walking this path alongside our holders.

A message from Pixelmons CEO
Giulio Xiloyannis

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