Bugglebugs are, in fact, not bugs at all, but living fruit just like the Buggleberries. The name comes from their beetle-like walk, their short, stubby legs scuttling across the ground. Their faces now face downward, their leaves growing far more pronounced while their bodies change shape slightly, no longer quite as round as the Buggleberry.

While most of the changes that Bugglebug has gone through aren’t quite as dramatic as those of other creatures, it’s picked up a few new tricks and honed old ones. It can withdraw its legs and hide its face, and the leaves can detach from the body and perform complex motions, anything from a fanciful display to lashing out to defend the Bugglebug. These leaves can be surprisingly sharp and no matter how the Bugglebug actually does this, it is uncannily accurate.

While bigger than the Buggleberries, Bugglebugs are still fairly small. Far from imposing and having an even harder time hiding than their smaller counterparts, it’s a good thing that they’ve picked up on these techniques and behaviours, as their colouration definitely doesn’t offer much camouflage. In fact, some call them Boldbugs due to their colours standing out so brightly against most backdrops.

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