Bulmores blur the line between the mechanical and the magical. No longer restricted by the insulation forced on them by their glass heads, they transcend their old selves, and the vaguely face-like filament within them taking a new, circular form. As the glass that bound them as Bulbores cracks and gives way, their skill and potency in wielding their power grows beyond anything they could have accomplished as Bulbores.

Equally noticeable are the changes to their bodies, as they can hover across the ground, undoubtedly a direct result of their newfound abilities. Their hands, previously prong-like, now take the form of glass vessels, each with their own filament, much like the one housed in their heads, and each featuring an opening through which they can channel the energy they create.

Strangely, most of these changes make them unable to interact with some of the relics of the old world that a Bulbore can. At the same time, they’ve been known to engage with objects which a Bulbore could not. The reason for this dichotomy will likely never be known, but what is apparent is that both serve functions and purposes that, much like Bulbore, hint at far more potential than what may be realised at first glance.

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