Sheedlaxes are the battle-hardened leaders of Sheedle foraging and digging parties. , Unlike their counterparts in the Antonnes, they are very protective of those in their charge. Despite their mechanoform-like appearance, Sheedlax are creatures of flesh and blood. Some speculate that the armour they wear is made from pieces of Molers and other defeated mechanoforms encountered in their effort to expand their underground nests.

Unfortunately, this newfound protective instinct has not improved their foul temper. Any unbidden intruder or perceived threat to the colony or a Sheedlax’s nearby Sheedles is likely to receive a faceful of claws without warning.

Somewhat touching is the fact that Sheedlesappreciate and even idolise the Sheedlaxes to an extent. If a Sheedlax gets injured, Sheedles will go to great lengths to bring them back to the nest to recover. Cynics point out that Sheedles are simply ensuring that they still have the Sheedlax’s protection, but it’s unlikely to be known for sure.

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