Marrohglare is an unsettling presence at best, with their bones supported by a shadowy grey mass containing the smouldering, glowing specks that give Marrohglare its name, but it remains as friendly as the Marrohs. In short, despite their harrowing, deathly appearance, Marrohglares are joyful, cheerful beings.

However, unlike the Marrohs, Marrohglares don’t really avoid haunts. They can sniff them out just like a Marroh can and warn others of the haunt, but they themselves aren’t too spooked to enter a haunt. Some actually believe that Marrohglares are one of the only ways to end a haunting and that they can chase away the lingering spirits.

As such, they’re prized in communities that have had troubles with hauntings in the past, and being functionally immortal, they can ward off future haunts for as long as they have a reason to stay, whether that is a strong bond to a person or simply their favourite spot being nearby. Villages and towns that do have a Marrohglare residing with them tend to set time aside to make sure that the canine spirit feels welcome and cared for.

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