It is said that Cubixear’s stone glows red, where Cubix’s does not, because it burns with hate towards whatever bound it with plate and chain. Others dismiss this as nonsense, but then again, if that is not the explanation, what is? Just like Cubix, Cubixear is an amalgamation of solid and molten stone and metal, yet Cubix never burned hot enough to cause the solid stone to glow.

Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Cubixear is a formidable entity. Robust, heavy, and strong, their searing punches and strikes can ruin almost anything’s day. Their aggression seems to have grown in intensity along with the flame in their hearts, though the erratic cracks of broken stone appear to have been replaced by controlled, carved patterns.

Regardless of what the mind who created these creatures intended, if it was indeed a creation wrought by sentience, then those thoughts must surely be quite cruel indeed.

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