Fowlians distinguish themselves among the already beautiful flocks of Fowlers with an even more musical song bursting with clarity and depth, all while becoming even more striking to look at. They are carried aloft by great, splendid wings, and they can truly soar, catching the sun in their stark, colourful feathers and gem-like decorations.

While perhaps not as stunning or mesmerising, an important addition to their form is their webbed feet. Fowlians are capable of landing on and lifting off from water. While they tend to stay in the shallows to avoid predators lurking below, they can rest on the open ocean in a pinch.

This means that, unlike Fowlers, Fowlians can make journeys of mind-boggling distances without relying on hitching rides on ships. Truly, the only thing they lose in exchange for what they gain is the Fowler’s nickname, but it seems to be a price most Fowlers would gladly pay to become a Fowlian, if one could ask them such things.

Still fascinated with all things shiny, Fowlians collect fancy trinkets from all over the world. Ultimately, they always return to their nest at some point to stockpile these riches. This means that the nest of an old Fowlian can be a treasure in its own right.

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