Spoutcrests have undergone substantial changes compared to regular Spouts. The fin along their back has grown into an eye-catching crest, which is what gives them their name. No longer filter feeders, they use their elongated needle-like mouths to reach into the nooks and crannies of reefs and sunken ships, feeding off the small animals that hide in such places.

The addition of two pairs of fins has made them more agile and nimble swimmers. While they still make use of currents to save energy, they are not as reliant on them to travel great distances. Because of this addition, they have also become better flyers, but they still prefer to remain in the water over flying through the air, and any lengthy flight is always followed by an equally lengthy rest.

Despite this fairly fragile appearance, they are still quite tough, just like Spouts. Their skin is highly resistant to cuts and scratches, likely in order to help protect them from injury as they scavenge for food. They avoid confrontation when they can, but when they end up in a fight, they can rely on their sharp mouths and powerful tail strikes to defend themselves. If that doesn’t work, their increased mobility helps them potentially outmanoeuvre their opponents.

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