Pinmeleon is essentially a larger Pintail, with one stunning exception: its ability to change the colour of its reptilian skin. The addition of a crest of curved scarlet spikes on the back of its head makes it immediately obvious that it is, in fact, not just a big Pintail.

It can use this colour-changing power to make itself stand out like a sore thumb or blend into the background, becoming almost invisible if it remains still, unless a particularly keen eye spots it. If you immediately worried that a prankster like Pintail would abuse this ability the moment it transitioned into Pinmeleon, you would be absolutely correct.

They love to hide in sneaky places and play tricks on basically anything that moves, dropping fruit on people’s heads from treetops or jumping out of the tall grass of the plains to give something the fright of its life. The bigger the target’s reaction, the more satisfied the Pinmeleon.

Some Pinmeleons seem to have a favourite colour, choosing to stick with it even when it doesn’t allow them to hide very well. There’s all sorts of speculation as to what these colours mean, ranging from some believing that it’s a clear tell showing the Pinmeleon’s personality, while others think it’s just a simple favourite, or even that some may have lost their ability to change their colour and so wound up stuck with one at some point.

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