If Byrus is possibly the most arrogant creature under the sun, it only has two competitors for the crown, one of them being Ardentrus. Although their relative rarity means that Byrus features in far more stories, Ardentrus would regard that fact with prideful contempt if it was aware. It deserves much better stories than being outdone by some pesky Florasaur, after all! Or at least, so it thinks in its own mind.

While their pride is well and truly beyond obnoxious, it is not entirely unjustified. Byrus’ fiery brow has grown into a flowing mane, and its tails resemble a shooting star blazing across the night sky. Ardentrus is a spectacular sight, and its striking beauty is complemented by speed, power, and wit in equal measure, though it is not a particularly durable creature. As with Byrus, Ardentrus’ keen intelligence is often hampered by its sheer arrogant pride, preventing it from considering any outcome other than its certain success.

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