Borgols take the few good qualities of the Borg and get rid of them, their character growing ever more ill-intentioned and mean-spirited. Even their grins grow wider, expressing yet more joy in the wake of yet more foul deeds.

As with the Borgs, Borgols enjoy nothing more than causing suffering and misfortune to others. The deeper the suffering, the better in their minds, laughing and cackling as they set about their work of making the world in general a worse place to be.

This development isn’t limited to their personality. Their horns grow longer and curl, with flames dancing within them. Their forearms become spiked, and their claws more vicious, as fire burns around them. Their longer legs allow them to run faster, making it even harder to elude their scheming and their misdeeds.

Their sparse clothing and horns make some wonder if Borgols and their kind are some form of cursed Sharmen, what with their horned heads and connection to magical fire. They say that this explains their cruel nature, that they see themselves as victims of whatever made them this way and their actions are just a way for them to lash out in some form of revenge.

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