Octopodus serves a similar purpose among Octopod-kind as Hazerdus does among the Hazerds, often directing groups of Octopods to survey and observe a given area. After completing their tasks, the Octopods will return to their Octopodus leader, as humans would report to a superior.

Physically, the Octopodus has several distinct features that immediately set it apart from the Octopod. The monolithic body of the Octopod has been replaced by a more head-like shape and a fluid-filled tank. The head has two eyes rather than a single central one. The suction-based graspers have been supplanted by claw-like graspers, and the tentacles have also changed. Two of them have been strengthened, sporting similar tanks to the one attached to its head, while the other six remain unchanged. However, all of the tentacles have been significantly lengthened, extending the Octopod’s reach and improving its range of motion.

There are a few ideas as to what purpose the tanks serve. Some believe it to be some form of substance that sustains the Octopodus, while others think it is knowledge in liquid form, justifying that the Octopods, who report to the Octopodus, do not seem to have these tanks at all. Others then point to the fact that the tanks in the arms seem to be used for the Octopodus’ ink spray and question why, if it was liquid knowledge, it would be wasted in this way?

It seems unlikely that this debate will reach a definitive conclusion anytime soon.

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