Despite the very slight name change, Fiveticles actually experiences a dramatic array of changes compared to Fourticles.

Rather than being a head with no obvious body, Fiveticles has a distinct head and body, the latter now having four legs in addition to the animal’s five tentacles. The crest on its head had become more ornate, sporting shiny crystals along the front. Most importantly, however, it now has quite the grand moustache.

While they’ve lost most of their speed and agility, Fiveticles is tougher and physically stronger than Fourticles and they can walk, if slowly and uncomfortably, on dry land. They prefer to live along the seabed and reefs in shallow, warm waters, basking in the underwater sunshine whenever they’re not on the hunt. They’re still fairly social animals, happy to share territory with others of their kind.

Curiously, every Fiveticles will end up having a trident. Whether they make them themselves or they’re found through other means, a bonded Fiveticles that lacks one may vanish for a few days, only to return with such a trident. They seem to use these as catalysts for magic, conjuring water out of nothing. This means that they can take care of themselves and other creatures sensitive to hot, dry climates whenever they’re adventuring alongside a trainer.

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