The Bloopius adds to the mystery of the Bloops by engaging in behaviour similar to that of the Sharmen and Sharmendu. Sometimes, it clasps what passes for hands together, closes its little eyes and mutters to itself. After a few moments or minutes, it’ll return to normal, giving anything and anyone a big, friendly smile.

Unlike Bloop, which is just a formless mass with a mouth and eyes, Bloopius does indeed have two little arms, two tiny legs, and two wings that are obviously too small to allow it to fly, but it does so anyway. Then again, that’s not that strange given that Bloop flies without having any wings at all, if anything about Bloopius and its kind could ever be described as “not that strange”.

Just as bewildering is the fact that when they sleep or rest, a wisp similar to those within a Harrow, but only ever one, and it always smiles, swishes and swooshes around the sleeping Bloopius, laughing a silent laugh as it does so. Then, when it returns to within the Bloopius, the thing awakens and continues its business as normal. It’s as if the Bloopius is made of two creatures, and when one rests, the other wakes, and inversely when one wakes, the other rests.

This oddity only adds to the bounty placed by scholars of the various tribes, each eager to know the answer as to why something that is so common could be so bizarre, unique, and strange. Perhaps there is no answer other than that even common things can be mysteries all of their own.

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