Perhaps less friendly-looking than their smaller counterparts, the Aonithans lay claim to swathes of The Great Deep as their own, and anything short of a [Redacted] knows to stay well clear of their territory.

Despite their appearance and territorial attitude, they’re perhaps the most social of dragonkind. They simply don’t tolerate trespassers. Humans can’t yet reach The Great Deep in any meaningful way, and as a result, the Aonithans don’t see humanity as a competitor. Therefore, they’ll occasionally indulge in the same tricks and playful behaviour that their lesser kin partake in.

Other than being stronger and bigger, the Aonithans are even more effective swimmers than the Leviathans. Their feet are now webbed, and the paddle-like fin at the end of their tail is far broader, propelling them through the dark depths at a bewildering speed. They’re still capable of flying too, though their increased bulk seems to have offset the benefit of having larger wings.

While their title is well-earned, Aonithans don’t shy away from the surface or the light of day. The most common way of seeing one, if there is such a thing as a common way to sight an Aonithan, is to see their massive orange crest slicing through the surface of the sea as the dragon swims just below, its scales adding even more spark to the glistening water.

In battle, the Aonithans’ bring their formidable strength to bear along with a bitterly cold breath of ice, and they have the wit to use it creatively. They can use it to shield themselves from harm with barriers, breaking things apart, or simply encase their enemies in a frozen prison.

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