Bellowhounds, sometimes simply called Bellows, sport even more spikes than their ordinary Hounder counterparts, and their distinguishing trait is a chestful of flame. Their powerful howl is augmented by the sound of roaring flame, creating a distinct and unmistakable sound that cannot be confused with anything else.

More muscular than the Hounders and perhaps more vicious-looking in general, one would expect them all to lean more toward the mean streak unbonded Hounders tend to sport, but that’s only partially true. If raised from a Hounder to a Bellowhound, they retain what they were taught. In the wild, however, Bellowhounds are indeed a fair bit fiercer than a regular Hounder.

This being the case, most sensible people avoid trying to tame wild Bellowhounds and stick to trying to tame Hounders, but there’s always some… brave folks who seek even greater challenges. While such endeavours are usually met with failure, those who do succeed certainly have themselves a deed they can point to and be proud of. Some, however, just see it as an opportunity to try to one-up someone who hasn’t managed to pull off the same feat.

Unsurprisingly, in the wild, Bellowhounds end up leading packs of Hounders if they aren’t already a member of another pack. On rare occasions, a Hounder will challenge a Bellowhound for leadership of such packs, though equally unsurprisingly, the Bellowhound tends to come out on top more often than not.

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