If Serdras are the envoys of the Leviathans’ kin, then the Serdrakes are their ambassadors. Somewhat less serpentine, they feature a pair of arms and legs, their tails sprouting a far more pronounced fin. Physically robust yet sleek, the Serdrakes certainly invoke the image of the Leviathans to a greater extent than the Serdra does, even though you’d never mistake one for the other.

While one would expect the additional limbs and bulk to slow them down as they swim, the addition of a truly powerful tail fin means that they are, if anything, better swimmers than the Serdras. However, their wings don’t develop in that same way, being reduced to mere ornamentation on land as they can no longer fly. But, in the water, they fold up their arms in front of their chests, and what once served as wings now function as pectoral fins, affording the Serdrake greater agility in the water.

The loss of the Serdras' rather primitive flight is certainly made up for with their newfound ability to walk and the usefulness of hands.

However, the flaws of the Serdra return in full force. Envious, arrogant and greedy creatures, the Serdrakes will quite happily lay claim to an entire body of water for themselves, assuming nothing can drive them away. In Waveborne folklore, they’re often used as an example of how having more, whether it is property or power, doesn’t make you better, and such things don’t determine the quality of your character.

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