Primeonimbus takes the already quite strange Primeon even closer to utter absurdity. New tendrils form strange hair and a tail of sorts, both flowing along the same currents of magic that allows this bizarre animal to float through the sky. They stand upright, their front legs replaced with arms in their new, bulkier and heavier form.

Making them even stranger still is that while they have legs and can walk perfectly well and often do, they simply refuse to sleep on solid ground. Instead, they find a cloud or fog bank or anything like that to nestle in as they sleep, drifting along with their fluffy shelter. An upside of this is that they don’t have to compete with the Primeons for places to rest, allowing them to coexist reasonably well as long as food is plentiful.

Where Primeons live in social groups, Primeonimbus prefers smaller groups and seems to have a more or less solitary lifestyle, roaming far and wide though still careful to avoid the mountains that any Tatsumaki call home. As they no longer rely on the ground for shelter, they can travel unimaginable distances without ever coming down to land, making a quick detour for a hunt every now and then before soaring high once again.

Being such stunning marathon flyers would make them ideal couriers, though training them to fly specific routes has proven difficult.

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