Xanshidious lurk in the darker waters of the world, which are darkened by depth, murk or hidden in caves and abandoned, flooded tunnels. Their form is more complex, reinforcing the idea that Xanshi and its kin truly are the counterpart of Luna’s.

The ridges that lined its head as a Xanshi now become full-on horns and its wings gilded. It’s “hands,” for lack of a better word, form vicious, beastly claws. Xanshidious movements are purposeful and calculated, though it can lash out with brutal savagery if it wishes to.

Often the heads of covens of Xanshi, in which case the Xanshidious resides in the darker depths along whatever plummeting cliff that the coven has chosen as their home. Here they can avoid light entirely while sending the Xanshi at their beck and call to see to the needs of the coven.

Sometimes, they’ve been seen wielding a green, baleful magic similar to the flames of a Harrow, leaving many to wonder if that’s mere coincidence or a disturbing connection between the two.

Due to how reclusive they are, even less is known about them than the Xanshi, but they’re assumed to be broadly the same, aside from the difference in hierarchical status and their physical aspects.

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