Sometimes known as Cardinal Drakes due to their four wings being believed to represent the winds of the north, south, east, and west, the Harikens spend almost all of their time aloft, soaring through the skies of Nova Thera even as they sleep. Giving up a pair of legs, these dragons have mastered the winds to such a degree that they simply don’t have much use for legs anymore.

Despite being larger and having double the number of wings, Harikens fly just as silently as the regular Tatsumaki, if there is such a thing as a regular myth. They are believed to shape the clouds, and that each of their scarlet feathers is said to have captured some of the beauty of a sunrise seen on a cold winter morning.

One might think that the lack of forelimbs would weaken them, and that their four massive wings would present a weakness for their enemies to exploit. While the latter is true to an extent, foolish is the creature that thinks a Hariken is frail. They can bend the wind to their will, creating zephyrs and bone-breaking tornadoes at a whim, even on what was a clear day or within the confines of a cave. If there is air, it will obey the Hariken.

Even though they possess this terrifying power, they rarely ever use it. They seem to be aware of the consequences of releasing such forces, and while they can bring them into being, they don’t seem as able to stop what they have started. So, if they can’t take their prey down with a swift biting strike, or if their opponent is is too strong for them, they can create a dense fog through which they can either attack their opponent unseen and unheard, or slip away, disappearing into the vastness of the skies.

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